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Wild Bellflower (OC)

Catpone Cerberus


Potion's sister.png

 Wild Bellflower
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Talent: Magic
Personality and morals: As herself, Bellflower is kind and friendly pony, generally happy, doesn't like harming anyone. When taken over by magic, she's pretty much the opposite
Skills outside talent: Reading old ponyish and other ancient languages.
Source of income: -
Backstory in short:  Potion's twin-sister. Was brought up by her foster family as their own in Manehattan. Her childhood was as normal as it could be for an unicorn, school, friends, and learning magic. At some point during that time she got interested in old languages and started to self-study them. After coming to right age, she moved away from her parents, still staying in Manehattan, and focused on learning new magic.

After undefined amount of of studying, Bellflower found herself becoming more and more hungry for new, more powerful magic, until one day, a new unspecified spell she tested was too much for her, and the magic quite literally broke out of her through several points in her body, causing her to fall unconscious for a day. After Bellflower woke up, she didn't quite remember what had happened, but when she walked to a mirror, she realized that she was missing a piece of her horn, and that there was blue and red wound like marks around her body. Naturally she went to see a doctor, but regardless of several tests over several weeks, they weren't able to figure out what they were.

Bellflower spend her next week trying to figure out what happened, but with no avail, any of the spells she had studied that day had nothing about weird marks around the body, and it seemed that for some reason, she hadn't written down anything to her journals before testing the unspecified spell.

Then, one late evening when she was going to wash up after busy day of things not going like she would have liked them to, she suddenly felt a rush of magic inside her, and her body ignited with magic pouring out of her horn and from the mysterious marks. She could only stare into the mirror where there was now gray pony staring back at her with white glowing eyes, red mane flowing like it was made of fire, and flaming armor and pair of flaming wings. But there was something that scared her more than the monster in the mirror...it was the fact that she couldn't control that monster, she tried to move, but she couldn't budge, and instead, an uncontrollable grin rose to her face, a satisfied grin....

After that point Bellflower's life revolved around finding a solution to her problem, and doing the best to try stop from it doing any harm to anyone, which unfortunately didn't always succeed.

At some point Bellflower went through his father's journals, where she found out that her parents weren't her biological parents, and most importantly, that she has a twin-brother named Magic Potion. After learning that and bunch of other things about her actual origins, she set to find this brother, and thanks to a help of an stranger, a weird cat-pony hybrid that seemed to know more than he should, she knew to go to Ponyville, where she learned his brother's location...
OCs who she has met but aren't in backstory:

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