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A Frustrating Element of EQG



One of the most frustrating aspects of EQG for me is that Sunset Shimmer keeps either being in the right with characters and the movie treating her like she was in the wrong or getting unfairly accused of something by characters or the movie.  In Rainbow Rocks, while the school's behavior and the Dazzling's behavior are reasonable, Vice Principal Luna made a really unfair assumption of Sunset at the beginning when the Dazzlings were still relatively weak, and the Rainbooms after "Awesome As I Wanna Be" were just unfair.

Rainbow Dash: What was that?!

Sunset Shimmer: You were showing them your magic, I, didn't know what else to do!

Rarity: Ugh!  Close the curtains, unplug her act, give us a chance to deal with the situation?

Me watching the movie: You saw what was happening, I'm sure one of you could have done SOMETHING!  You had time.  Sunset at least tried, you ungrateful people.

At least Spike had the decency to look her in the eye like, "Oh Sunset, I know you were trying to help, I'm sorry you have to go through this and I'm sorry how they are going to see it."  Twilight couldn't even look her in the eye.

In Forgotten Friendship, Sunset was absolutely justified in wanting to beat up Wallflower, especially since it's revealed that Wallflower caused her reason to go after Sunset herself, but apparently, because Sunset wasn't actively nice to Wallflower that means that Wallflower is totally justified in trying to ruin Sunset's life.  Wait, what?!

In Rollercoaster of Friendship, Sunset literally tells Sci-Twi the game is rigged, and she pulls Sunset into it anyway!

And finally, in Sunset's Backstage Pass, Sunset's anger at Pinkie Pie was ABSOLUTELY justified.  Pinkie Pie knew how much this meant to Sunset, yet she couldn't stay focused for five seconds which in Pinkie Pie language means I don't care too much for this thing or the person who really wants to see this thing, because otherwise she would do everything in her power to make sure Sunset saw the show.  Also, Pinkie Pie Pie ran off to go get churros when Sunset was counting on her to warn her if the Dazzlings were coming, and even though the Dazzlings didn't do anything terrible, that could have turned out so much worse for Sunset, like while watching the movie I felt genuine fear for Sunset when Pinkie abandoned her job to go get churros.  Yet for some reason SUNSET is the one who has to learn to accept that apparently PINKIE was in the right for some reason.  Hey kids, even if your friend is ruining your day because they can't stay focused for ten seconds on your plans to go see something with them that you REALLY like, you're day is only perfect if you stick with your friend the whole day and never get mad at them because apparently that would make YOU the unreasonable bad person in this.  Wait a minute, WHAT!?

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In case of Rainbow Rocks, it was around that part where the Rainbooms were starting to get affected by the Dazzling's Magic. It becomes more apparent when they were trapped under the stage

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1. The dazzlings were still relatively weak, but it's clear that they were still strong enough to manipulate them. 

2. Well later in the movie Sunset explains how everything was getting to them and how they were starting to crack and letting things get to them. So the fact they were really angry with Sunset after "Awesome as I wanna be" totally makes sense because they were also being affected. 

3. I agree in forgotten friendship, but I don't think the special was trying to imply that Sunset was wrong or Wallflower was right. I think it was more so trying to get at the fact that hey "Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness." But yea totally, a punch right in the face would not have been a bad move, but at the same time there is the whole idea of making peace and redemption etc. 

4. For rollercoaster of friendship that was just fun. That really doesn't show anything. It's just a little game. They didn't know they were going to get that angry playing it XD

5. Totally agree here. Maybe if there was some link that Pinkie Pie got her the tickets or something like that. But I know if my favorite artist was playing somewhere and I happened to be going with a friend, I would be sure to let them know I'm sticking to a plan to get to the front and nothing is holding me back. 

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