Episode 50 - Forced Tutorials

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Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When video games force you into a tutorial.  Like, they make you go through a whole dammed crafting tutorial or something, and you have to make the thing they want you to make, and click on every single thing they tell you to, and there's absolutely no way to bypass it.  Just leave me alone and let me play the damn game!  I just want to experiment and learn on my own, ya piece a sh*t!  Where applicable, tutorials should be made available for players who want them, but don't strong-arm me into it against my will, dammit!  Everything should always be skippable if you want: tutorials, cutscenes, etc.

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Everything should always be skippable if you want: tutorials, cutscenes, etc.

It should be possible to replay cutscenes - a few times I accidentally skipped them (or somebody called me at the wrong time etc) and then had no way of replaying them. Bonus points if the game has a checkpoint system and the checkpoint is right after the cutscene. 

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