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Episode 97 - Game of Sopranos




Game of Thrones and Sopranos spoilers ahead.

I wrote a comprehensive post about my feelings on the ending to Game of Thrones when it aired over on my main blog.  Short summary--I liked it and thought that the intense level of hatred was unfair.  But y'know what really grinds my gears?  The hypocrisy of fans between Thrones and Sopranos.

Before I go any further, I just wanna make one thing clear: this is just my silly rant blog, not to be taken too seriously.  This is just my opinion, but I don't harbor any hatred towards anyone who has a different opinion over something so trivial as a tv show.

So, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos are two of my favorite shows of all time.  Both of 'em.  I think they're both brilliant masterpieces, but neither is absolutely flawless.  After the final season of Thrones, the whole world raged about how every storyline unraveled and everything sucked and was pointless and blah blah blah.  It's continues to be a meme and go-to example of character arcs falling apart, going nowhere, and having zero payoff in the end.  I think this is an unfair exaggeration, but I'm not here to write a thesis on Thrones.  I want to point out the hypocrisy I've observed with regard to Sopranos.

I never hear a bad word spoken about Sopranos.  It is fondly remembered and held up on a pedestal as one of the greatest shows ever made (and rightly so, I might add).  But I think people aren't being totally fair and objective, here.  I think they're being unfair to Thrones and a  little too generous to Sopranos.  The latter isn't without flaws, either.  I think people are looking at Sopranos with rose-tinted glasses, and Thrones with... um... sh*t tinted glasses, I guess?

People rage about how Jamie or Dany or Arya or whoever didn't have a good ending to their arc or whatever, but what I want to point out is this: what about Carmela and Adriana?  Christopher and Adriana were two of my favorite characters on Sopranos.  Christopher was such a monster to her, but the two were just so fascinating to watch.  I couldn't wait to see what would happen next with them.  That was probably the stortyline I was excited about the most.  I was really disappointed when Adriana died, and especially how she died.  I personally wanted her to make it, to get some justice and revenge, and be okay in the end.  I was really rooting for her.  But still, I was able to live with her death.  But what I never got over was the fact that Carmela never found out what happened to her.  Carm and Adriana were basically best friends, and there was absolutely no payoff or resolution to that whole storyline.  They teased that Carmela was going to find out.  They built it up, set it up, and teased it repeatedly.  For an entire season, Carm grew more and more suspicious and kept asking questions.  She then pitches the idea of hiring a private investigator to track down Adriana.  Tony then basically says, "Aw, you don't wanna do that," changes the subject, and then that's it.  That was f*cking it.  They never spoke of it again, Carm dropped the whole thing, and never found out.  That was crushingly disappointing.  In my opinion, Carm was supposed to find out the truth, and that would have been the last straw and resulted in some kind of massive showdown, possibly leading to her informing to the FBI, taking Tony down, then taking the kids and entering the witness protection program.  That would have been a vastly different ending to the show, but I think it could have been great. 

However it would have played out, Carm was supposed to find out.  There were so many emotional moments and so much solidarity between Carmela and Adriana, and so many times where Adriana wanted to tell Carm everything about informing to the FBI, and almost did.  There was just so much story there, and absolutely no closure for Carm, and no resolution for that whole storyline.  Great show, but I really hated that aspect, and found it incredibly disappointing.

Why doesn't anybody complain about that?  They rant and rave about all the Thrones characters, but where are these haters when it comes to Carmela and Adriana, huh?!  I'm not suggesting that Sopranos is bad.  It's a masterpiece.  My aim was just to point out Thrones isn't as bad as you think, and Sopranos isn't completely flawless.

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