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Episode 98 - Hands Up!




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When background characters on tv and in movies don't pull the friggin' trigger when they should.

Here's what I'm talking about--you've seen this type of thing so many times: it's a movie where a lone character or a small team is infiltrating some facility, or are otherwise on some sort of rampage, killing everyone in their path.  This could be heroes or villains.  Doesn't matter.  Good guys and bad guys are equally at fault here.  It could be a villain working their way through some building and murdering all the guards, or it could be the rebels running around through the Death Star killing stormtroopers.  Either way.  Doesn't matter.  So, the primary pro/antagonists are working their way through the place, killing everyone, leaving piles of bodies in their wake, right?  It's either good guys killing enemy forces, or villains killing cops and security guards.  Then some more faceless guards or cops or whatever show up.  They usually have their faces covered by some kind of masks or helmets, which don't really serve to protect them, but rather dehumanize them so that the audience doesn't care if they die.  So, then the guards or cops or stormtroopers bust in and find the hero/villain in the room amidst a sea of bodies.  Like, literally, the lone assailant is standing, ARMED, in the middle of a sea of bloody corpses, and what does the team of guards invariably do at this point?

"You there.  Stop right there.  Hands up!"



Uggghhhh....  :scoots:   Every time.

You know that this deadly assailant(s) has been rampaging through the facility leaving bodies piled in their wake, and you just stand there and give them a chance to attack.  Hands up.  Pffft.  Ugh.  Why don't they ever shoot?!!  Good guy or bad, they never just shoot!  They always stand there and just give the opponent all the time they need to do a double backflip over their heads and chop 'em to pieces.  The guards/cops/stormtroopers or whatever only pull the trigger when they know they'll miss because they know they can't risk taking out the main characters before the story is done.  :dry:  Just once I want to see the faceless guards just open fire the second they see the assailant(s).  But that would be too practical for tv.

You know what else grinds my gears?  That's right, you're getting a toofer today!  Two for the price of one!

I hate it when characters are fighting to the death, and one of them gets a fight-ending blow on the other, but they don't actually kill 'em, and instead they just walk away and leave 'em be, and then the wounded one comes back for a sneak attack.  So, like, one character will stab the other through the gut with their sword, but they're not actually dead, but the winner just leaves 'em, makes a stupid quip, zings 'em, then turns their back and leaves.  And then what happens?  The wounded party, who isn't dead, struggles back to their feet for a final attack!  Why, WHY, WHY don't the winners ever just kill their opponent?!!  Like, actually kill them!  As in, make freaking sure they're dead!  Once they get the winning blow, then chop their freaking head off!  The worst is when the victor intentionally leaves the loser alive to "let 'em suffer", but then the loser, like I said, comes back for a final attack.  Just f*cking kill them.  Like, do they not have movies in these universes??  Like, have these warriors never seen a single movie??  Don't they know what happens when you leave your opponent alive??!!

I just want to see one show or movie where everyone involved just shoots to kill on sight immediately, and everyone makes sure their opponent is DEAD.

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