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Episode 96 - Miraculous Episode Order




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  The totally f*cked order of Miraculous episodes.

Anyone following my main blog already knows that I'm a huge Miraculous Ladybug fan.  I've been catching up on the second half of the new season.  (That'd be S4)  But the order of the episodes is totally f*cked!  It's on Disney+, but last time I checked, only 20 of the 26 episodes are on there.  The last six are missing!  It should all be there by now.  But regardless, the order of the episodes are wrong!  Some of them are shuffled out of order.  It's also available on demand with my regular cable package, and the whole season is on there, but the episodes are f*cked there, too!  The order is different from Disney+, but still wrong!!  What in the sons-a-b*tching sh*t?!  I went to my fail-safe, the place I figured would never be wrong, ye olde wiki... and it's wrong, too!!  The order on the normal wikipedia page is the same as my on demand cable package, which again is wrong!  The fandom wiki (I don't really know the difference.  I mean, the fandom one has colorful pictures... that's about it.  Whatever.)  has a slightly different order again, AND STILL WRONG!!

I've been endlessly confused while watching because things are happening out of chronological order.  And no, I don't mean like intentional flashback episodes, I mean it's actually f*cked.  I'll get to an episode that clearly belonged six episodes prior, and then the previously unexplained jumps in story suddenly make sense.  There's no reliable source for the order.  I can't trust anything.  All I can do is watch and hope I don't get any major game changing spoilers out of order.  I mean, f*ckin what the F*CK?!  How hard is it to figure out what order the episodes were made in and just put them in that order??!!  :Cozy:  I really love this show; I wanna see it properly:glimmer:  F*ckin' garbage piece a crap.  :dry:

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Netflix has seasons 1 - 3, but the Christmas episode is not listed; it is on Netflix but as a separate thing. I have the last 2 episodes of season 3 left, and that's all Netflix has.

I have stopped feeling sorry for Marinette's love problems with Adrien. If she doesn't have the guts to tell him then I have sympathy for her.

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It's a mess because different countries air them at different times whenever they finish the dubbing. Just look on free sites where the order is done better.

I thought the season finale was really good.

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On 2022-03-20 at 8:34 AM, Brony Number 42 said:

I have stopped feeling sorry for Marinette's love problems with Adrien. If she doesn't have the guts to tell him then I have no sympathy for her.

Lol.  Yeah, I feel ya there.  I mean, I love this show to pieces for reasons I'm not quite sure I understand, but it also leaves a lot to be desired.  I adore the chemistry between them, and I love the waiting and hoping, but at the same time, it is kinda stupid.  It's Mirickluless: the show where everything happens but absolutely nothing happens, ever.  A whole season can go by and you think, "wow, a lot happened this season!" until you think for a second longer and go, "oh wait, no it didn't.  Everything is literally exactly the same as in the pilot."  Tons of stuff happens and nothing changes.  That's their shtick.  It's the complete antithesis of Last Airbender in that regard.

And yet, even though I make no excuses for the show, I almost think that there's something I like about the ridiculousness of it all.  It's like a guilty pleasure, I guess.  Like, I know it's not actually good in many ways, but there's just something so appealing and addictive about it for me.

16 hours ago, Fluttershutter said:

I thought the season finale was really good.


It really was.  Yeah.  It looks like they finally had the balls to change the status quo.  I mean, geeze, how many game changers were there?  Alya renounced Tricks, Felix uncovered everything about Gabriel, and Gabriel completely dropped the act in front of him and let the cat outta the bag, the team is no more, and Shadow Moth has every fuckin' miraculous except Cat and Bug's, including the most dangerous of all, the rabbit, which, if he's smart, he'll use to rewrite history as he sees fit.  In fact, that's kind of a big plot hole, actually.  He doesn't need restoration and destruction anymore.  He could just use burrow to travel back in time to the point where Emily died or slipped into a coma or whatever happened and prevent it.  So, yeah, there's that. 

And why did Felix want the peacock so badly?  He traded like 20 miraculous for just one.  What is his plan?!  And that dumbass Celestial Guardian is gonna be so fuckin' pissed.  He's gonna kick Marinette's ASS.  :ButtercupLaugh:  It's gonna be so hard to wait for the next season.  I just hope they lean into this story and make it difficult for them to get the miraculi back.  I want more arcs and game changers.  But this is Miraculous we're talking about here.  I wouldn't be surprised if we were completely back to the status quo by the end of the S5 premiere!  :dash:


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