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Episode 112 - #1



Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When commercials claim that a show or movie is the "THE NUMBER ONE SHOW/MOVIE IN THE WORLD/COUNTRY!!"  First off, what the f*ck does that even mean?  For a movie, does it mean most ticket sales?  In what time period?  For a show, does it mean highest viewership?  Highest ratings?  Sometimes I think that they just make this sh*t up for commercials.  I don't think there's any liability whatsoever.  I think that any advertiser is allowed to say that their thing is "NUMBER ONE" without any requirement for truth or evidence or anything like that.  It's not a legally binding statement, so they can just fling it around all they want because it sounds good.  I don't think any of the data matters.  In fact, I know it's often bullsh*t, because I know I've seen multiple commercials for different shows or movies at the same time, like sometimes on the same day, that all say some variety of their thing being #1.  It's so f*cking stupid.  :dry:

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