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Episode 113 - "Technology"



Hey.  Y'know what really grind my gears?  When products advertise having some sort of "technology" when it's completely unwarranted just as a gimmick to make it sound cool.  Like, for instance, the ziplock bags we have in our cupboard boast having "power shield technology".  It's a plastic bag, you dipwads.  And my hand lotion claims to have "MVE delivery technology".  Or, say, a mop might claim to have "dirt locking technology", or perhaps a t-shirt will have "lint repelling technology", or a towel will have "rapid absorption technology", or a bottle of water will have "ultra-hydration, hyper-thirst-quenching technology".  Get off your f*ckin' high horse.  :dry:  It's so stupid.  Yeah, I know that technically speaking, literally anything that humans make is some sort of technology.  Like, tying a rock to the end of a stick and using it to hit things is technology, but gimmie a frigging break.  Those technology claims on products just sound asinine.

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I think the claim gets some credibility if they have a patent on it. And you can get patents on all kinds of things. Change the shape of a spoon and patent it. You can purchase it with wealth transfer technology. Would you rather they claim their products have magic? ^_^

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