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This is another game that I've made in Scratch. It is inspired by a game that already exists in MLP FIM.


Buckball Game.sb3


This is an SB3 file. Watch this video to see how to open SB3 files:





This game is played by two teams, each team having a unicorn, an earth pony and a pegasus. The red team uses keys W and S, and the blue team uses arrow keys.

Use keys W or up arrow for the pegasi and S or down arrow for the earth ponies.

At the beginning of the game, a ball is being thrown, and one of the two earth ponies has to kick the ball. The first one to kick the ball is the one who starts the game. When the ball is kicked, it will be sent towards the basket of the same color. If the ball reaches the basket, then that team scores. But if the pegasus in the opposite team catches the ball, then they can send the ball towards the other earth pony. Then, that earth pony must kick the ball towards their basket, or else it's game over. The pegasus might catch the ball and send it back to the previdious earth pony.

This cycle repeats until the ball reaches one of the baskets, or until the earth ponies fail to kick the ball. After that, you can continue playing, or go back to the main menu to change the game mode.

This game has 4 different game modes:

- PC with two players mode, where you can play on PC against a friend;

- PC against AI mode, where you can play against your PC (this one is very difficult, and you will eventually win if you can trick the AI into making a wrong move);

- Mobile with two players mode, where you can play on mobile against a friend;

- Mobile against AI mode, where you can play against AI on your mobile device (again, it's difficult, but possible).



I had originally planned to also give control to the unicorns and baskets. But unfortunately, I couldn't get it just right. So instead, you can only control the earth ponies and pegasi.


I've made this game a while ago, and it took me quite a lot of hard work. I hope you, guys, will appreciate my hard work. There might still be glitches in the game, but I hope you will enjoy it anyways!

Please tell me what is your final score and which game mode did you choose. And please let me know what do you think of this game.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more quality videos.


Have fun!

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1 minute ago, Lnx1ynight16 said:

Hey thats quite interesting! I should check it out sometime :)

Thank you, I'm glad you find it interesting! Sure, take your time, and when you can, don't forget to check out this little game that I've made here.

This is one of my 5 games that I've shared on MLP Forums, if you're interested.

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