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Dusty Soul


Ok, I was listening to my iPod walking outside of the school with a friend today and my friend and I was listening to "The Perfect Stallion" from the soundtrack. He instantly tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I really was listening to My Little Pony music. I said "Oh, why yes I am," He then proceeded walking away and kept giving me weird looks over his shoulder... He then told me we weren't friends anymore...

Anyways, another thing happened today. I almost had an breakdown in the middle of English. My teacher was talking about how she loved it when the villain wins, because that's life. I looked up and noticed the big smile on her face. She then proceeded to give a lecture about it's not real when the good guy wins. She said that it's only fun when the bad guy wins. Then she started saying the word "hate". Now I really don't like the word hate and I don't use it often. It's not technically in my vocabulary. Then everyone in class was saying things they hate. Everyone was saying they hated things and people. I just sat there gripping my pencil. I was about to burst into tears (Yeah I'm an emotional person) from people just saying that they hated people and things. I really don't like it when people say they hate people, because I know that's not true. Hate isn't real and the word shouldn't be praised. It's just mean.

You may be asking if anything good happened today... Not really, my stomach was upset the entire day and my allergies were acting up terribly... I just hope tomorrow goes better.



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Man, that does sound like a total suck day :( hope tomorrow goes better.

A lot of my teachers/friends use the word "hate" that i had grown used to it....

But sadly, its true people hate other people. Take the KKK for example....

Also, my allergies too have been crazy.

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