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Too much PM

Rainbow    Dash


I'm really reluctant to post this since it has to do with my night of over drinking and fail.I then remembered no one would read really read this so i'm safe.


So a couple nights ago I had a friend over and we had a few drinks. I then went through me 4 stages of drunkeness. At the third stage the fail happened. My friend was kind enough to record our shenanigans and the dialogue went something like this:


Me: Hey hey hey~ you know who i want to visit me tonight while i sleep?


My friend: Jesus?


Me: No~ I want Princess Molestia to visit me.


My friend: Dude~ she only visits girl ponies and last time i checked you were a male dragon


Me: She won't notice once i put on these pink underwear.


My friend: You should definitely do that.


Thats all we recorded remembered. After that we fell asleep and when i awoke he had left and i was wearing womens underwear

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