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Got my cheezburger account accidentally deleted today - YAAAY!




I've been very active on my brand new Cheezburger account (mylittlebrony.com) lately and they have a feature to create a "site" in addition to the regular account profile. Based on recommendations in the help section, I sent a support ticket:


I (user name Dowlphin) registered today and at first didn’t know how to add favorites to my profile, so I unnecessarily created a site. I have copied all pictures from there to my favorites now, so it can be deleted:





The response:



Thanks for getting in touch. We have deleted your Cheezburger account and profile as requested. We are sorry to see you leave! We hope that you'll continue to visit Cheezburger http://www.cheezburger.com for your daily dose of laughs and fun smile.png






daily dose of laughs and fun


daily dose of laughs and fun


daily dose of laughs and fun





This caused a little inner disharmony.


















When I told someone in the PM section of another forum, it made me break the fourth wall. ... If that gives you any indication.







I calmed down relatively quickly though. ... Because ponies. derpy_emoticon1.png


I hope they can restore it.

I think they can.

The alternative would be too mindboggling.

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Am I a bad person for laughing at this?


I mean, "daily dose of laughs and fun" and "We are sorry to see you leave! We hope that you'll continue to visit Cheezburger."


LOL! That's the trollest thing I've ever seen. XD

You must be so... oh Celestia! XD

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Nah, it's fine. If you can't laugh about life, it'll kill ya.



The screenshot is authentic, by the way.

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And this is part of the reason we don't delete Poniverse accounts.

I'm wondering what's the other part.


Oh man. That conversation. Must... stop... laughing. That's definitely the trollest one. :')


Why don't you just make a new one? I mean, they hope that you will continue visiting them. XD

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Ok, patience doesn't pay off without persistence. I recently submitted a re to my own first request and got a reply. They are working on trying to restore my account.

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So naive of me.

Well, apparently they don't have an undelete safety net for account deletions. But hey, apparently their support personnel is not that bright (they can't read) and the whole site is as messy as Youtube.

Youtube... Cheezburger ... deviantART ... Mir space station style.

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