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My D-Link router mystery?



I don't know what it is but yesterday morning and night my wireless speed was acting up, the speed NOT SIGNAL kept fluctuating. But only if I plug it in directly through ethernet, it maintains a constant speed. It wasn't like this before!

I use wireless devices from my bedroom, since it would be very impractical to have wires going all over the house. Plus my iPad, 3DS, etc. don't use Ethernet...

The wifi was fine when I came home from work yesterday though, it also is working fine this morning as well!

WTF is going on?


Before anyone asks, I have tried different channels, and have also had it on auto channel scan.

Is this due to failing hardware?


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Speed fluctuating, but not signal? Routers have a 'capacity', so maybe one of your devices monopolizing the router? When the fluxuations happen again, try shutting everything down and then spin each one up individually.

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