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Obama Different?




For those of you who say "he is at least better than Bush" can you please explain why? Sure unlike Bush he can string together a sentence or two but honestly it is hard to tell what is a greater danger a puppet who is an idiot or one that is highly intelligent. And much of his rhetoric toward the beginning sounded pretty good, but that is all it is is rhetoric. When you get down to his actual policies when it comes to the most of the issues that really matter are the exact same ones as George W Bush.


They both support pre emptive wars against countries that were never a threat to us and we have no business being involved in, they both support irresponsible deficit spending. They both supporte the banker bailouts as well as countless other examples of kickbacks, corporate welfare and the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme of printing money out of thin air and charging taxpayers interest on it. And they have both shown a complete and total lack of respect for the constitution and the rule of law with laws and policies like the Patriot Act, grope down and body scanners at the airports, spying on American citizens without warrants or probable cause.


Obama promised in 2008 he would different and again in 2012 and he has failed to deliver on all of his promises except the empty meaningless one of "I am not George Bush". Yeah he is not George Bush, but with a record like that does it really even matter? They are both bought and paid for by the same crooks, nearly every president since Woodrow Wilson has been bought off. We haven't had a real president in the white house since JFK and we all know what happened to him.



Source: United States: President Obama.


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Obama isn't the one who drove the economy into the ground :P


In all seriousness though, if we could have both a competent president and a competent congress, that would be great. The last two presidents weren't competent during both of their terms, with Bush being an idiot in general and Obama having to learn economics the extremely hard way (he never had any formal economics education.)


I'd totally support Devall Patrick if he ran for president, under his leadership Massachusetts went from being one of the weaker states to the fifth most powerful state in the US and is leading the country in science, social services, education and healthcare. I think he knows what he's doing. Of course, a competent president is only part of the problem, if we could get a competent congress and HoR that would be really great for this debt-laden country. I'm kinda disappointed that Patrick won't be running for governor again in 2014, as I said before under him we became one of the most powerful states in the nation and there probably won't be another governor like him, but he hasn't entirely ruled out the possibility of running for president.

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Obama isn't the one who drove the economy into the ground :P

Obama may not have started the fire but he did add gasoline to it which did make things worse. But like Bush he is just a puppet taking orders from the criminal bankers.

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