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Vine famous, no nevermind.

Rainbow    Dash


blog-0789208001384123661.pngA little while ago I started to do the whole vine fad. At first i thought, "Oh i will just do one for the lols."

So i did one vine that was just me recording my room. I then decided to do another more thought out vine which was met with positive feedback. After that, i got hooked doing random and sometimes silly things. I get one or two like per interesting post.


One day, i just decided, "Why not try to get Vine famous? Be the first brony viner thats as famous as Bach or Eric Dunn?" I should know better that theres probably one brony out there who is there or at least three quarters of the way there.


If that happens to be the case im still going to do it, either way. Its fun and i get some public reactions from doing vines.


If ya'll want to follow me or just view my other vines im @Dakota Im the one with the horse mask.


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