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  1. A longstanding tradition of Poniverse has been to give former staff most of the forum perks associated with a subscription as a token of appreciation for their service. This was accomplished by placing all former staff in the "Subscribers" group on MLP Forums. Over the years, however, the list of MLPF's subscribers grew very long as staff came and went. This had the side effect of making it look like we have about 10 times the financial support we actually do. In an effort to improve transparency, the subscriber list has been corrected to only list actual subscribers now; former staff continue to be distinguished by being in a new "Retired Staff" group. For those of you who've thought financially supporting Poniverse, I figured that having a better idea of how much support we already have may affect your decision. To those who already subscribe, thank you - I hope you appreciate this information as well. The more subscribers we have, the more ambitious we can get with things like picking server hardware, funding community events, and rep'ing our projects at conventions. And you get cool perks like a larger signature and a custom title, too! If you want to grab a subscription now, they start at $5 USD/month on the forum store.