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  1. Ron Swanson is a beautiful man

  2. This is awesome! I've never been very good at making channel art so I'm impressed.
  3. These are very good for a 7 year old. Tell him he's awesome and is now my #1 idol.
  4. Wow, I really enjoy the style. It reminds me a little of Invader Zim. <3 Your colored drawings are super good.
  5. That's really nice. It does look like something from the actual show. Your avatar is also really great. I've literally just been staring at your avatar for 5 minutes straight.
  6. Oh my, this is absolutely amazing. It looks so realistic and it seems like you spent a lot of time on it. I really love it. <3
  7. I especially love the Discord one. Your drawings are very nice. ^.^
  8. This is really cute. It's a really nice style as well. <3
  9. Oh my gosh, this is really cool. And it includes cats which makes it 100% more awesome. You should definitely post a picture of the mug once it arrives. This looks really sweet.
  10. "Call me a fake. I'm real, I've carved it so." ~Elizabeth Grace
  11. Taurus! I'm a bull! IMMA CHARGE AT YOU. And my chinese zodiac is... DRAGON. They don't really mean much to me. i just like knowing what I am in zodiac...yea.
  12. Oh my sweet goodness, thank you for starting a thread for this. I have had so many wacked up dreams lately. As far as having any physical pain from lingering dreams, no I've never had that. The only thing that kinda sucks about my dreams is that I get them mixed up with reality. So I tend to forget if what goes on in life is a part of my dream or not. Anywho, here is one of the dreams I've had... So I dreamed that I was running away from the police with my mom. I had done something illegal but I don't remember what. My mom and I raced toward the corner of a huge cemetery. There were two cops on the very same corner along with a young man. The cops were questioning the man and didn't take much notice of us. The man than whipped around and said, "Hey you guys running away? I know a place to hide." He than ran along the edge of the cemetery and we followed. The police didn't care. They didn't even glance at us. Once we were in the middle of the cemetery I noticed that there were several shaggy, rundown buildings around me. The man led us into one where we met an old lady. The sun started to set and I felt terrified that spirits were going to attack us in the night. The woman lifted up a small glowing lantern and told us that we'd have to stay in the grave yard for the night. I could feel shivers all up and down my body, terror filling me up. I cautiously curled up on the ground and tried to block out the fear and just as I fell asleep in the dream I woke up in real life. I think the weirdest thing about the dream is that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fear that filled me up. It was the first "nightmare" (not that scary of a dream but still) that I actually liked. And I also think it's weird that I woke up the instant I fell asleep in the dream. ITS FREAKING INCEPTION GUYS. NOT REALLY BUT WHATEVERRRR.
  13. urrrrrrrrrrrrrr I would say the last thing I bought was a energy drink! DONT JUDGE ME IM A VERY TIRED PERSON GEEZ
  14. I don't really have a clue what my sexuality is, it really all just depends...on nothing. It just varies for me. So I'm idecided. I don't really think it matters, just as long as you are happy with you are with.
  15. I don't really use my iPod. I mostly use Slacker radio or Spotify. But I do have 3 albums on my iPod...Green Day, Imagine Dragons, and Lana Del Rey. Yep.