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  1. guess who's back haha.... Just watched the beginning to season 4..... Shit my pants

  2. "Life is what happens when your busy making other plans" and that couldnt be best way to describe my hectic life right now

  3. Tonight I look at the stars and wish that someone can bring me a feeling like I felt so long ago. *sigh*

    1. Fluffy Pinkie

      Fluffy Pinkie

      I'm real sorry to hear about that, i know that feeling too

  4. "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." - Muhammad Ali

    1. techno915


      i like your status. :)

    2. theparkourpony


      i like your comment

  5. See I am glad I am not the only one with this idea..... I said this same idea earlier but no one listened
  6. so when are we starting this it is really a good idea and I am/was looking forward to this roleplay
  7. You know it was a good weekend when you get drunk and the next week like 6 girls literally ask you for sex

    1. TheBronyHeart


      Sounds like a tough time. :/

    2. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      Personally, I'd be offended if six girls just asked me for sex.


      That would certainly say something about how you are presenting yourself.

  8. Today while listening to music I did some wandering of my own mind and found that what most people like about me is what I hate about myself. Most people like that I don't care about anything and its true I don't, I say what I want when I want and do as I please without thought about what others think. A lot of people envy me for that quality but in all actuality it is hard for me. It is hard because I can't care when I need to, It has gotten to such a point that at times feel like I can't feel love. I honestly can't either. I could give everything up for in second and when someone tries to get close to me I push them away, even though I want someone to be close to me more than anything. So I just find it kind of funny that people wouldn't like it if they couldn't care like me because at times its not as great as it looks.
  9. Ya I think you are right. @ RedStorm you should talk to people even out the sections and then put up a post about the need for a warden and Guards
  10. Name: Silk Shadow OC Page: Crime: Theft and Murder( Framed) Cell #: 20 Wing: East If I need to do anything to my OC page to help get him in just let me know
  11. ( I'm adding my OC Silk Shadow can be a love interest I a stallion) For the first time in his life silk was somewhere other than cloudsdale. Somewhere he wasn't ashamed of his pathetic attempt to show off for the wonderbolts. Canterlot the place of dreams he thought to himself from his seat on the train. He could see it all, a chance to make a name for himself for his stunts, a chance to fall in love, more than anything a chance to have a fresh start. *SCREECH!* The horrible sound of the train stopping pulls him out his day dream. Now it is time for him to be serious and the first item on his agenda is getting a job. As he steps off the train he sees a mare investigating something. Curious his own self he flys up to see what it is..... Another mare.... But this one is different..... She has a glow about her. Maybe this other mare will know. Well I guess I better ask her. NO!! I best not bother her...... But I am curious.... Fine I will ask her. As he approaches he says "Hello. Who is that your spying on". Already he is embarrassed for saying she is spying on the other mare but it is to late.
  12. Once again I have been shown how I am the black sheep in my family. But you know what I am happy that i am a black sheep. It just allows me to be everything my family is not.....Happy

  13. Ya where I live football and wrestling are everything. And I am a Defensive lineman and I play a little linebacker. I'm not big enough to be a prodigy lineman but I do pretty good for high school
  14. I was talking about high school football is starting for me but my favorite NCAA is oregon ducks and favorite nfl team would have to be the saints