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  1. Happy birthday.

    1. Moniker



      What is it?

      Is it being scared of talking?

      Or is it scared of messing with something?

      The question you want however is how old is this?

      If I can guess that shyness is as old as anyone claims it to be.

      In your case 15.

  2. I reeeally like Twilicorn. I think if they do anything with her, she MUST stay in ponyville. not saying she has to stay wither friends, because that's just a given. she WILL stay with her friends, just.. stay in ponyville.
  3. HOW IS SPIKE X SWEETIE BELLE SO LOW !!!!???? OR SPARITY!! I am surprised at everyone! I also really like -JUST SAYING BUT SPARITY IS BEST-
  4. The story "For the ones we love" is probably the best one i have ever read (sparity/sad, and its complete) . Also eternal by path of cloud (not how u spell it) is Really good, though not complete yet.
  5. um.....yeah...... hahaha i love this conversation..... umm..... awkward.. im gonna go this way =>
  6. THAT IS AMAZING! You are the awesome! Dude this has made me soooo happy:) thank you for welcoming me to the community and drawing my oc! Oh and just another note: the eyes are green because red is my favorite color and green is the complementary color to red so they pop out more and it looks brilliant!
  7. I'm new too!! We can be new together buddy!!!!! Haha. I just put up my first post today and already got someone to draw my OC! This fandom is AWESOME :3
  8. Haha! you guys are hysterical!!!! this is great already!!! Awesomee! to specifically MelancholicMemory but also anyone ese who wants to have a go at it here is a refrence to my OC. the cutie mark is a bullhorn (im loud) just incase you cant see it because i just pulled it off google images clipart. keep in mind this is just a refrence, not me trying my hardest to do good lol.
  9. Haha thank you Alex!!!.... I really.. REALLY LIKE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!
  10. Thank you soo much!! But I'm really sorry I don't :/ I honestly had no clue a pony creator existed! Haha if you can't do it because of that, that's okay, but if you still can I have a description of him!! Haha
  11. This is my first post and I've been a member for just a few weeks and I've been a brony since... I think November or October!!! Well I just wanted to meet new people who share the same tastes as me! And btw if anypony knows somepony who will draw an OC 4 me that would b great! Well.. Maybe it's not that simple!! But I don't care!! Lol I know there are alot of great artists, musicians etc. in the fandom so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.