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  1. Hey how it going?

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day to you!

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      Astral Empyrean

      Thank you!


  4. Happy birthday comrade from your neighbors next door, I appreciate your patriotism for your nation but your profile could use a little more red to it :mlp_smug:

    Image result for soviet union flag

    That's better, anyways comrade I hope you have a great birthday and get plenty of cake! :ooh:

  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

  6. My apologies that I have not responded in the past few days. I've been working a lot as of late. Let me know when a good time to link up with you on the PoniArcade MC Server is, I'd also be in the PoniArcade Discord if you would like to have open communication. I should be around for a portion of tomorrow, but not in the afternoon. And I have Sunday and Monday off work as well.
  7. Cool! I should be available this Saturday, almost all day. Although I am attending a Law Enforcement Ball in the Evening. On another note, is it okay if I see some of the stuff you have created on the server, to see if you style of design matches the style I'm trying to go for. Cause I want a modern look to the inside. Let me know if this is okay with you, and when you might be on the server on the weekend.
  8. If anyone would be willing to spare the time or resources. I've got myself a rather large mansion build I put together. The frame work is easy for me, interior design is a pain, considering my imagination died long ago. I'd be willing to pay the last 2500 Bits I have on the PoniArcade Minecraft server. On the server you can find me as "LtRainbowDash" Just let me know down below if you'd be interested in helping, and what times you are available.
  9. Welcome Aboard Cadet! I expect great things from you! Enjoy your stay.
  10. Welcome Aboard Cadet! I expect great things from you! Enjoy your stay.
  11. Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay.
  12. Today is the day that someone realizes that living without fingers sucks... And so does a medical bill. But then again what do I know. Alcohol and Fireworks... I see no issues here.


  13. Welcome aboard recruit! I expect great things from you!
  14. Welcome to the forums! I expect great things from you Recruit!
  15. She's my favorite, so my opinion is a bit bias, but strap yourselves in... Cause its about to get philosophical in here. Here is how I see it. RD doesn't do affection(at least not publicly) She would rather somepony else get hurt rather than have her air of toughness or her bravado damaged in front of the eyes of the public. Now lets take the Mane 6 and Tank into consideration. These are Dashie's life lines. Her loyal personality is sworn to these characters, and are the few exceptions where she will drop her guard and tough bravado, and openly show affection to another. This shows an extremely deep trusting and level of attachment to these characters. You could also take into account that Tank saves Dashie's life before she chose him as her pet, which also could be placing a high level of emotional burden on Dash in a time in which she feels she will lose him. And in a situation like this(even in human behavioral studies) RD went into full damage control mode, placing the safety and attentiveness to all other characters and their property under her need to keep control of her situation to prevent an unwanted change in her life and day to day activities. This is basically the same pattern of self destruction that an addict shows when they are faced with the possibility of having their high of choice taken away.