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  1. Would this be kind of like Fallout Equestria or?
  2. PinkiePai

    What do you look for in a Girl/Boy Friend <3

    I'm not looking for anything special. The only thing I'm looking for is a girl that actually wants to be with me, and I still cant find one.
  3. PinkiePai

    Movies/TV The Hub

    I don't really watch TV so I don' care If you want to get up early on saturdays you can watch anything you want on the computer, when ever you want to.
  4. PinkiePai

    interesting video blog about Bronies

    The person who made this needs a medal. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, hands down.
  5. PinkiePai

    Thoughts on the CMC new song?

    Idk I personally think the lyrics are weird. I really don't like horses, they smell and they are ew
  6. PinkiePai

    Desktop Background

    I have no idea how to make a desktop That's why I found this one online and I've been using it for about 4 months now, I really love it.
  7. PinkiePai

    My Little Pony "Vinyl vs Octavia" Dubstep

    Hey, a big dubstep fan here. It's not bad at all, and I really liked it up to about 1 minute or so. Hate to say it, but the drop is kind of disappointing :okiedokielokie: , and after that it just loops the beginning one more time. Would love it if you dropped the bass harder, and maybe added something more besides the first 2 melodies overlaping. But I'll give it a like, it's pretty good.
  8. PinkiePai

    twilight and flash sentry

    I really hope Flash doesn't appear anymore, that would really suck. I don't think it would be good if Twilight had a love interest.
  9. PinkiePai

    Erm... Hey there. ^^;

    Well Popstar Ahri isn't that new anymore, but it's still pink. Too bad I play on EU NE :c
  10. PinkiePai

    Erm... Hey there. ^^;

    Hey. I'm pretty sure I remember you. xD But the question is, do you remember me? I remember you because your avatar is the same. I came back recently myself. Btw what server do you play League on? I main Ahri and I have the new pink skin so maybe we can play sometimes
  11. PinkiePai

    Grumpy Pony Art - Friendship is NO

    That's some really nice pone art, you're really good a drawing. Hope you make some more soon. By the way, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I just thought you'd want to know that plural of "Brony" is "Bronies" and not "Bronys". You might need it in the future.
  12. PinkiePai

    funniest moments of the series.

    For me I'd have to say the funniest part was probably Luna comming at the end of season 2 finale and saying "Did I miss anything?" after shit went down so hard. Made me lol.
  13. I was diagnosed with obsessive love for ponies about a year and a half ago. I feel alone because I'm the only person I know that has it. I always feel like a minority.
  14. PinkiePai

    Detailed pony ratings (sort of)

    Updated, I kinda forgot to check up on the thread. Didn't expect so many problems with how the scale should work.
  15. I've posted a thread similar to this some 11 months ago, but after about 15 new episodes I'm wondering if people's opinions have changed. Since I've said everything I needed to in the first thread, you can read it here: In the last thread some people requested princesses, so I've added them. The rules haven't changed. I will do my best to update the results often (I'll be using Excel so it shouldn't be a problem). Please don't add/remove any of the ponies you're supposed to be rating, I haven't added some for a reason (I'm lazy). The most important thing is to try and have fun while doing this. I'm doing this because I'm curious about people's opinions, so I'm not going to add my own ratings. Lowest rating in each group will be Italic, highest rating in each group will be bold. Overall highest and lowest ratings will be blue and red, respectively Since some people were discussing how exactly the ratings should work, if you really want a rule set for that imo it should be: 100 = Favorite pony, <50 = Failing, and you can rate the characters you really hate with less than 50 (For example, a Rarity fan might rate Trixie with 0.01 for turning Rarity's mane green, or something like that), but I'll make a poll for it and see what happens. All ponies that remain unrated in a post are given a default 50 for convenience's sake (would be counted as a 0 in Excel, and that would set the rating off by far too much). Based on 9 ratings so far Mane 6 - Dash, 77,29 - Twi, 86,2 - Pinkie, 85,61 - AJ, 86,24 - Rarity, 86,79 - Fluttershy, 82,37 Princesses -'Tia, 78,48 -Woona, 80,48 -Cadence, 69,52 BG - Derpy, 79,01 - Vinyl, 69,69 - Octavia, 77,64 - Lyra, 61,37 - Colgate, 61,18 CMC - Sweetie Belle, 82,15 - Applebloom, 82,57 - Scootaloo, 82,18 - Babs, 63,23 Recurring - Big Mac, 77,3 - Spitfire, 72,61 - Trixie, 69,1 - Cheerilee, 70,72 - Shining Armor, 66,12 Ctrl+c; ctrl+v, fill out: