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  1. I cannot believe that this post is still active. xD It's been over three years!
  2. Feather Gem

    Private The Return Of King Sombra: Ruler Of The Shadows

    At first, it seemed like they succeeded. Suddenly though, they were zapped back behind the bars with sharp flashes of purple and green. Midnight blinked. "Wha-huh?" he said, touching the bars again. "But...we...what?" He turned to Shade, his expression confused and seeking an answer from her.
  3. Feather Gem

    Planning 1 x 1 - Forgiveness

    @@Miss Reaper xD Alrighty then. I suppose this means we should begin. But do you have any questions before that? (I'm not so used to 1x1. Can you tell? xD)
  4. Feather Gem

    Planning 1 x 1 - Forgiveness

    @@Miss Reaper Now we should begin! Cx Though, I'm not quite sure. Is there anything that we should plan out ahead of time? xD
  5. Feather Gem

    Private The Mountain In The Forest

    @ Chamois was shaking slightly after he placed her back onto the ground. At least she was allowed to stand up the way gravity for meant ponies to. She was feeling rather...dizzy... "N-no. I...don't think I have done anything similar to this before..." she said blankly, answering a rhetorical question. She blinked then, looking at him to see that he was suddenly about her size. This was enough to wake her up. She nodded at him when he said that he would keep his word when he said that he would keep her safe. To her, this seemed very genuine, especially considering what had happened. But come on? Could she have a moment, just a moment, where she didn't have to be so incredibly surprised? Her jaw dropped slightly as he thanked her and she quickly turned away to hide it and compose herself. First of all, the Spirit of Chaos had just thanked her. Goodness gracious, that was pretty neat! On the other hoof, she felt almost...almost bad for him. He must have never been accepted by anypony. He must have never had a friend or somepony to just...take his side like he said! Better not to mention it though. She turned back to him. "I feel kind of dizzy..." she admitted. She reached up and carefully took the metallic prize from her head. She looked at it curiously.
  6. Feather Gem

    Who is the greatest villian in the history of My Little Pony?

    I...actually think, for once, I'll have to go with Tirek. I mean, Chrysalis is feeding her subjects, King Sombra is...King Sombra. Nightmare Moon is Luna. I suppose Katrina was some drug addict chick and I have no idea who those others are. And Discord. Discord isn't much of a villain to me. xD I've messed with his character too much in my head. But I did watch a bit of the movie with Tirek and it seemed quite...dark. He did seem like one of those villains who are just evil for the heck of it.
  7. Feather Gem

    Gaming (Rumor) PewDiePie getting bought by Disney?

    I too see whatchu did there. They might actually. It's Disney after all. They need to compete with Nickelodeon and all that. Nickelodeon has...-shivers-Freeed. So Disney is going to be wanting a Youtuber as well! But PewDiePie? I'm not sure. I don't watch his videos, but is this something that he would agree too? He must know that it could potentially ruin his hobby/career/Idon'tknowanythingabouthim. (Edit: Ah, okay Cx)
  8. Feather Gem

    Planning 1 x 1 - Forgiveness

    @@Miss Reaper How could I possibly ever say no to all of that? And how could I ever possibly keep up? xD As you were the first one to sign up, I will be taking you I believe. I hope it won't die, but I'm sure we can keep it going with enough effort! Cx So, you want to play as Celestia and Pinkie Pie I believe? @@Scribblegroove It was so tempting to take you as my roleplay buddy! Cx You seem incredibly good at it. But, to be fair, Miss Reaper did sign up before you did, and I think I'll have to take her! I'm sorry. Maybe next time though! Cx @ I hope that it can be in a roleplay topic. I prefer those over roleplays through PM, considering how you can sneakily make short replies (though I'm sure these two wouldn't do that) I just went and did that for you! Cx Go on with your crazy little schemes. Entertain us all! I'm already entertained by just the idea...
  9. Feather Gem

    OOC The Mountain In The Forest

    @ Go for it Cx
  10. Feather Gem

    What might applejack's key be?

    I can kind of see it being some bottle. Dunno why. And as someone else suggested, maybe it is one of their hats! That would be so cool! But obviously it's going to be an apple, I mean come on, duh.
  11. So, as I have school and am currently in a few roleplays already, although slow, I only have time for another 1x1 roleplay with someone! Cx I had this idea for a fanfiction a while back about Celestia and Luna after Luna's return. It has to do with forgiveness. All kinds of forgiveness. Luna forgiving Celestia for all she had done, Luna forgiving herself, her subjects forgiving Luna, and Celestia also forgiving herself. Now, it doesn't have to follow this exactly. I had thought that there would be two main characters and two side characters, along with other characters bouncing in and out occasionally. Main Characters: Celestia - Miss Reaper Luna - Feather Gem Side Characters: Twilight Sparkle - Feather Gem Pinkie Pie - Miss Reaper (Also maybe Discord, I love Discord. Can we please.) Once someone decides to join with me, and I decide I'd like to roleplay with them, we can figure out who will play as who. But, whoever plays as Celestia must take the role of Pinkie Pie as well, and whoever takes the role of Luna must take the role of Twilight Sparkle as well. This is because Pinkie will interact more with Luna and Twilight with Celestia. This is mostly just to prevent boredom. Twilight could give advice, Pinkie could do some cheering up...all that. Another thing is that it is completely okay if during the roleplay, most of your text is on your character and how they are feeling. This may not give me much to reply to, but this is how I roleplay sometimes and I believe that a roleplayer similar to this will make both of us perfectly okay with it! Besides, this roleplay is quite a bit about internal struggles, I suppose. Who is even going to join this stupid thing I have no idea. So...I guess that's all. If you want to know anything else, please just ask! You can try to sign up by simply giving me a nice example of text of the two characters you'd like to roleplay as! I'd like a pretty good roleplayer if possible, even if I'm not so great myself! Cx
  12. Feather Gem

    Wake up with your OC

    Wait, wait, wait! Can I do all of them? I don't care what you say, I'm doing all of them. Angel Feather Me: Wha-whaaat?! Angel: Meep! -Angel sits up and turns to me- -moments pass- -simultaneous screaming- Mystical Flow Me: M-Mystical...? Mystical: Oh...um...hello there...you... Chamois Vine Me: 'Shoot, I got the unfriendly one' Chamois: Wha...is somepony th--- -Chamois looks up- Chamois: Wtf r u and wat r u doing in my bed. Me: My bed. Dawn Minuet Me: 'No, no, no. Dawn will suffer with my emotions' -Dawn wakes up in a panic- Dawn: Wha-what's going on? Wh-who are you? Me: Oh my gosh, nooo Dawn: Oh my gosh. nooo. Spirit Me: Sunset?! I mean, Spirit?! -Spirit jumps and wakes up- -Spirit stares at me- -Spirit touches my face and smiles- -Spirit squeals and waves at me- Me: Why didn't I give you a voice, dang it, I don't understand. Masquerade Me: MASK! MAKE ME A COSPLAY COSTUME! Masquerade: What the heck, you wouldn't start screaming just like that. Me: I might. Masquerade: Did you even try to make these realistic? Me: I wanted to be funny. Masquerade: Go to bed, you're tired.
  13. Feather Gem

    Who's your favorite member?

    @Feather Gem I always liked her. xD She's pretty amazing.
  14. Feather Gem

    OOC The Mountain In The Forest

    I like awesome things and Celestia.So, yeah. Why not? Not anything too crazy though.
  15. Feather Gem

    Private The Mountain In The Forest

    @ Chamois inhaled deeply through her nose and then exhaled through her mouth. She straightened herself up to her full height and nodded silently. When he wrapped himself around her for that short moment, she gasped loudly, having been jumpy in the first place. At the same time though, it calmed her nerves a bit and she went over to him where he appeared a few feet away. Chamois nodded at him. When he placed something in her mane, it was obvious and a bit heavy on her head. She lifted her hoof for a moment, to see what it was but stopped halfway, placing her hoof back down. It could wait a moment. She wanted to get out of here as soon as she could. Ignoring Princess Celestia - as well as the king and the unfamiliar pony - behind her, she closed her eyes, breathing deeply. It took her a moment to calm herself to the point where she was no longer shaking and then she began. No pony will harm you, you can do it. So...do it. And so she did it.