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  1. Hey there every pony... First off I'd like to say sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that, I was starting to do poorly in school and had to put myself straight. But this semester I have way easier classes so I can come back! And wow... looks like I have a LOT of catching up to do. As soon as I'm all caught up I'll post right away. Again I want to say that I am so sorry for disappearing on all of you and leaving you hanging like that.
  2. Rain nodded. "Sure thing Hunter, your Mom was right its pretty stressful but we're smart ponies and we'll get through it with out a snag." Twilight "I'll have the same as Hunter. You know we could head over to sugar cube corner and ask pinky to help with the wedding if you want. They also have awesome pastries if you haven't gone yet." Rain nodded to Twilight. "All right I'll get everyponies drinks oh and Hank if we have some Hard cider I'll get you that cause I woudn't mind some my self!" Rain smiled and went to the kitchen to get the drinks and came back out a minute later with a small serving tray of drinks of which he passed out. "Okay, for the ladies water and for Hank and I some hard cider!" Dawn noticed the crowed of ponies. "Dusk lets see what that crowed is about." She and Dusk trotted up to the angry mob of ponies and with a spell increased her voice to rise above the roar of voices "Hey! Everypony calm down! What's this all about!?" The crowed settled down a bit. "Than you." Dawn smiled sweet and innocently as if the huge voice hadn't come from her. " Now whats goin on?"
  3. "Whoa whoa whoa, I never said I didn't want you to preform! We would love that! And yeah we have drinks whadda ya want?" Rain turned to Hunter before he went to the kitchen for drinks." Hunter calm down, we'll get through this no problem! Why don't we take the day off of planning? If Twilight and Hank don't have plans we could all have lunch some place?" He leaned over the table and gave Hunter a kiss. "Now, what do you ladies want to drink?"
  4. Dawn looked around but didn't see anything. "Hmm nope I don't see anything but we should keep and eye out just in case... Shall we head to the apothecary now? Wait... where is the apothecary? I haven't seen one since I got here..." Dawn looked around the market for the apothecary.
  5. Rain frowned a bit. "I wish I could be as noble as you but I can't. I eagerly take bits and checks from ponies after I preform... It used to go towards alcohol and rent. But now I don't need that stuff thanks to hunter... I actually haven't had a gig since I got here... Probably cause there's already a DJ here but oh well she's good so it doesn't bother me..."
  6. Twilight Smiled. " Oh that's right, I remember Rain came by and asked me to enchant your ring... I would love to be your bridesmaid! Hunter I'm so happy for you two You seem like a perfect couple." Rain grinned. "Wow thanks guys! Hank It would be cool to have you preform at our wedding. You knoooww I make a little music my self..." Dawn looked at dusk and smiled. Well lets go too, I hope we don't have to help many ponies... Not to be selfish I just don't want anypony to be in trouble..."
  7. "Oh really?" Twilight looks at Rain "Hey there Rain." "Hey Twilight." Twilight looked back at Hunter. "So what were you two talking about, and what can we do for you?" RAIN "So hank, you're twilights brother and celestias right hoof pony... That's pretty cool! Do you have any... specific duties to do for the princess while your here? Is there any danger here?"
  8. "Hiya Miss Blazing storm. I'm Dawn Blazer, it's nice to meet you!" Dawn listened to Irons instructions. She turned to dusk and smiled when they got their rout for the patrol. Dawn got a puzzled look on her face. "Um Miss Iron? Dusk isn't the best at healing... YOu did mean me right?"
  9. (OCC:I wrote from the bottom up so it may not make so much sense... Parso read yours first then the one to kappa...) "Hunter?.... No I don't think she actually hunts, I don't think she has time to anyways...What with her new coltfriend and all." Twilight shrugged."I guess that makes sense... Oh and hunter lives.. Right here!" Twilight walked up to Hunter and Rain door and knocked. "I think Ponyville is a relatively quiet safe place, we shouldn't run into anything to dangerous. And If we do and somepony gets hurt you have the best healer in Equestria with you! You ponies shouldn't worry one little bit...Unless it's a instant kill blow...Yeah your screwed then..." Dawn trailed off feeling kind of awkward for bringing it up. Rain smiled."Thanks....Hmmmm a honeymoon destination...wanna go somewhere far away from here? We could rent a beach house in baltimare. That would be fun and relaxing..." Rain finished his cup of coffee. He washed it off and put it back in the cupboard.
  10. "Great! And yes Hank you are still my BBBFF." She starts to walk through Ponyville towards Hunters house. "I think you're really gonna like Hunter, she's pretty cool. Oh.. and whats with the dagger?" "Yeah I hope they can... But if they can't do you think Twilight could? She has siblings right?" Rain hugged Hunter. "I will make sure it is the best day ever in the history of ever..." Rain kissed Hunter on the lips and smiled. Dawn swallowed a mouthful of food and finished. "Yeah Miss Iron, What are our orders? Is this just gonna be a standard patrol or something else?" Dawn took her plate to the sink and washed it off.
  11. "Of course I've made new friends Hank! Lots of them actually, do you wanna meet them?" Rain frowned."Hmmmm I'm not to sure who would be the best stallion...Sky maybe? Not sure....I don't have siblings... Do you?" Rain took a long sip of coffee and sighed. This is a bit harder than I thought it would be... Dawn nodded and loaded her plate with pancakes and different fruits and began to eat furiously(or fast which ever you feel fit to go there.) Dawn looked up from her food and smiled, then she dug back into it trying to finish as fast as possible.
  12. Rain smiled back at her."Well that sounds reasonable...make sure to add sky to the list and I think he has a mare friend too...but I think we'll have to find out first, Earth Saphina I think is her name. Oh and your parents for sure...anypony else?...." Dawn smiled."I am so ready!"Her stomach grumbled and she blushed. "Uhh lets get down there and eat some breakfast...It smells really goods." Dawn trots downstairs. Dawn came into the kitchen."Sorry we're late everypony, Mmmmmm smells really good..." Dawn took a seat. (Sorry i haven't posted lately everypony been busy with school stuff and I've been getting out with a few friends for once)
  13. Hey! Your OC is accepted but I agree with Sky, if you could come up with a better name(or a nickname) That would be awesome! So wait he was attacked by a....Lemon?
  14. Yup! It's all good if you bring her in. Even if she stays for more than a few days! I just wanna take this time to say that I finished Exams so I'll be back on in no time!
  15. Dawn bolted awake."Huh? Wha?....Oh okay! Dusk...Dusk wake up breakfast is ready....." She shakes Dusk and gets out of bed. She trots over to her armor cabinet and puts it all on. "Okay." He drops a sugar cube in and stirs it. He gives Hunter her cup and sits across from her. "That sounds like a good idea, have you thought about who all you wanna invite?" Rain takes a sip of his coffee and sighs in contempt. "Okay if you say so Hank." Twilight hugs him back. "Actually I want you to meet my assistance Spike. SPIKE!!!! Come down here I want you to meet somepony!" Twi smiles. "Actually I have read all these books. Do you wanna borrow some of them?"