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  1. ParsoOfEquestria

    A little upset with Doom

    As some of you may know, there is a new Doom around the corner, coming May 13. This weekend they gave everyone free access to the open beta for Doom's Multiplayer mode. Me being the nostalgic gamer that I am was wishing that the multiplayer would tie into the classic arena style multiplayer of which we've seen in Quake. The harsh reality that I was actually met with did not appeal to me at all. XP progression system only holding 2 weapons at a time not to mention the Season pass being forced down our throats almost seeming as a necessity these factors, although they might seem normal to todays gaming tropes. upset me on so many levels. I know I sound like an old man when I say this but. back in my day, skill wasn't measured by level, it was measured on how much you knew the map and where all the good pickups were. you could hold one of every weapon in the game at once and use them whenever and of course there was no map/weapon DLC I just hope that the singleplayer/co-op can redeem this beautiful monstrosity
  2. ParsoOfEquestria

    Isn't it obstrusive that Luna is looking into pony dreams?

    somethings I've always wondered, if Luna can look into ponies' dreams and enters a teenage colt's dream- oh god...I think I'm better off not knowing
  3. ParsoOfEquestria

    I just don't know what went wrong!

    we were all so confused. I don't even know what the hell happened
  4. ParsoOfEquestria

    I just don't know what went wrong!

    It started off just doing a couple missions on GTA Online, until this happened. no mods were used or anything, this is pure game glitching tf out
  5. ParsoOfEquestria

    I'm really confused about the OC, Aryanne

    GET BACK! GET BACK! STAY AWAY FROM ME! what happens in /mlp/ must stay there
  6. ParsoOfEquestria

    Sugar Belle Fan Club

    I like her. I thought she looked cute even when she was 'markless'. even if the muffins tasted bad
  7. ParsoOfEquestria

    TEST How depressed you are?

    6. I see a shrink once a week. apparently I'm emotionally damaged
  8. ParsoOfEquestria

    TEST: How GAMER are you?

    29 but I think you need to look over that. I'm pretty sure entertainment is more important than what the game looks like
  9. ParsoOfEquestria

    Gaming What type of gamer are you? (be honest)

    I'm a hybrid gamer, I can play on anything and not be picky of what multi-platform games I play on what system
  10. ParsoOfEquestria

    Gaming Payday 2 thread

    well, if I remember The Butcher was not made by Overkill, so the jobs may not have that payday charm. but I'll give it the benefit of a doubt. but the new character, I'm just gonna stick with Hoxton
  11. ParsoOfEquestria

    Do you feel loved?

    I was, years ago, now I'm not so sure
  12. ParsoOfEquestria

    Music Bad game with good music?

    Postal III even though we don't talk about Postal III. it had a great soundtrack featuring A Fall to Break
  13. ParsoOfEquestria

    What Accent do you find Cute / Sexy?

    I'd say British (Cockney in general), Southern US, German, Russian, Irish and a little bit of the Boston accent are attractive to me
  14. ParsoOfEquestria

    Gaming GTA Gaming Theory: Carl Johnson is DEAD?

    the GTA series is set in 3 different universes; 2D, 3D, and HD. if they are somewhat the same universe, explain why Liberty City in IV is completely different to III, or Los Santos in San Andreas was linked to Red County, not Blaine County like in V. sure the HD universe game will reference their past games, but they do that with all of their titles; the Red Dead series, Manhunt, and Midnight Club
  15. ParsoOfEquestria

    How to: go to jail in Cyrodiil

    In Skyrim, steal something when no one's around *100 gold bounty* look around and the only witness is a chicken ...