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  1. wartorious

    MLP Forums is going to BronyCon!

    have fun! i can't go, uk bound, if there was a pony con in London i would go, but I don't know if the fandom's big enough to justify a con here. Ohh well, maybe some day.
  2. wartorious

    Scootaloos wings? :3

    Personally I can think of a few good stories; firstly that Rainbow dash had very small wings when she was a young phillie... and they bond over it. I don't think that will happen. Rainbow dash's adoption of the turtle suggests that she can relate to disability and wants to help others achieve their dreams. Secondly it would be nice to see Scootaloo on a Paraglider; she already uses pretty cool prosthesis in the form of her scooter. Again I'm probably reading too much into this but the earth ponies, the Pegasus ponies and the unicorns almost represent working, middle and upper class. The earth ponies are forced to toil and work with their hooves in menial jobs like farming, the Pegasus ponies literally have aspirational wings and control the fate of the earth ponies (vis the weather). The unicorns, of course don't work with their hands but take on the best jobs, the thinking jobs. Privileged from birth they have far more ability and choice... Yes I think I'm reading too much into it.
  3. wartorious

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    Add me if you like! wartorious8 also, I have included a picture of me below. My names David and I also really like ponies. other contact stuff, and more about me at: www.dwbeck.com
  4. wartorious

    Furry discussion thread

    Hello. I've been a furr for ages now; and I just wondered what you thought of the fandom. It's a lot older than the MLP fandom and the people are great! The meets are also well established and almost world wide. We really should form and alliance. If you don't know; A link about the furry fandom.
  5. wartorious

    Open A New Family Has Moved To Ponyville!

    Ohhh nice pictures What program did you use? 200 Chara's?.... Ok.... I can do this... *breath's deeply* Dave the Bunny hops over, a smile on his little bunny face as he greets the troubled travelers. The bunny uses his amazing sign language; which proves totally incomprehensible to the Mane family who look on bewildered at the little rodent. Dave curses Rodenta for not giving the bunny race the power of speech, but instead rushes off, returning with a few members of Sugar cube Corner club. Mr. and Mrs. Cake; as well as Pinkie Pie all greet the wonderful new arrival's with outstretch hove's of friendship!
  6. wartorious

    One reason MLP is popular.

    Yeah I guess you're right, I guess it's easy to create story lines by bouncing characters off each other, two aplha-females competing for superiority: I also love how MLP placed females into the key roles (if not all the roles), I still think a lot of writing is somewhat sexist with males having the most flamboyant and interesting personalities. What if Bart and Homer were women and Lisa and Marge were men..? Would that be strange? Also, do you think writers need to be somewhat schizophrenic to understand and correctly portray other people in texts? Certainly good actors create new personalities... but they do have a script.
  7. wartorious

    One reason MLP is popular.

    Hello. I'm writing a book and I was thinking; a really great way to make a story interesting is to have diametrically opposed characters and personality traits, like in MLP. Fluttershy - Rainbow dash (shy vs outgoing ) Apple jack - Rarity (tom boy vs girly girl) Pinkie pie - Twilight (party animal vs studious bookworm) Twilight - Spike (diligant, hard working vs chilled out) Flutters - angel bunny (passive vs aggressive) Can you think of any more? Do you think this could be true? Additionally what elements make the show good? Thanks! - David www.dwbeck.com
  8. wartorious

    Discord shows us his real face

    I know what he really looks like:
  9. wartorious

    Was Fluttershy being teased?

    Yeah I sort of read it the same way you did. I have a good memory and remember the scene perfectly. I really think self doubt is the primary reason why some people don't do well at some subjects at school, even later in life if someone believes that can't do something then they won't even try and may never improve. I sometimes feel like Fluttershy. I love animals and like talking with them, also I'm rather shy at times; I can be outlandish when I want to be but still....
  10. wartorious

    Rarity's Mane Appreciation Thread

    what about this:
  11. wartorious

    I Have To Leave...

    I'm so sorry to see you go *cries* the other children.... picking on you..... it's so awful erm.... do you like my book? I will add a quote That night Sam slept in a haunted, half sleep. He would drift off, only to be woken up by a nightmare. The room seemed so alien: unfamiliar sounds and smells intruded in through the window. Sam would wake up, and for a second not remember where he was. Sam was so used to his old room, his old routine, he wasn't sure if he would be ok on his own. The night seemed endless and something was incredibly wrong, Sam could feel it. The smell of disinfectant, was it covering up another smell? The young, rabbit like teenager found himself awake, more awake than he had ever been. The outside seemed very quiet and the dim streetlight cast shadows on the walls. Sam stared at the large wooden closet, his heart pounding, the closet stood in the corner of the room in a motionless stance; and Sam sat on his bed equally as motionless. He wanted to cry out but fear paralyzed his lungs, He wanted to look but he was terrified about what he may find: Someone waiting for him, a murder, a rapist, a dead body… or worse? The doors flew open and a million screaming bats flew out; they screamed in a frantic hungry manner, Sam’s lungs burst with his own screams as he thrashed about on the bed, the little animals biting and tearing his flesh as they set upon consuming him.
  12. wartorious

    Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Thanks for the post, I tried the exploit, didn't work. Ohh well. anyway add me: wartorious I'm playing on Kindle fire HD Thanks - David www.dwbeck.com
  13. hello there folks! (Last post of the night I promise). I just wanted to learn your views about ageing in the real world, culture and what you think it will be like growing older. Obviously a big part of the 'crusade for cutie marks' is about the young philly's finding out who they are and what their place is in the world. The older pony's seem to have their lives and careers sorted out, something I'm sure even some 'adults' admire. My dad's generation would shun anything animated calling it 'childish' but I see no good reason why age should dictate what media you should enjoy. I also don't really think the adult world is much fun. You're expected to work, earn money and watch it vanish into thin air. You're normally banned by conversion of enjoying many activity's younger people enjoy. You've got to get up early, do housework, look for jobs, go shipping, wear an uncomfortable suit, sit on trains, eat healthily, stay clean, watch what you say, I dunno.... in short it seems darn dull! of course it's fun to go out clubbing and stuff, (but I hardly ever do), Alcohol's not all that great, it seems many adults need it to suppress all the adult nonsense with alcohol to have some fun, but it's unhealthy and it's not much fun passing out and getting sick. Remember when they installed the helterskelter slides at the Tate modern? Adults loved them! Why aren't there adult play areas? also why is there so much fear and age discrimination? Children are taught to fear adults (especially men), some old people fear teens, it's like we are all rat's in a tiny cage all stressed out and anxious, the groups making up society teased into hating every other groups. Is it just me or do others feel the same way? Also how old are you and what are your views?
  14. wartorious

    Roster thingy.

    ahhh not one vote for Granny Smith! Someone vote for her Come on! Let's help her beat Dashy that 'young whipper snapper!' she's also named after one of the best kinds of apple!
  15. wartorious

    How old are the ponies?

    Well, one of the question's I've been asking myself is how old are the pony's? Do you think they follow the same life cycle as humans? I would have thought in human terms the mane 6 would be early 30's, maybe with Dashy, Fluttershy & Pinkiepie being younger? I would guess the younger pony's age range is about 8 - 14ish? Also, did mine eyes deceive me or is Celestia older than granny smith? Any thoughts?