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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Coming this fall 2015: Pokemon THETA! (I wish...)

  3. Canadian ponies rock my socks!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, as usual! I missed seeing your art uwu
  5. Memories drift in and out of my mind, and the little people get left behind, so whatever~!

  6. Kids today, am I right?

  7. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite pony is Twilight Sparkle, who not only has blue in her hair, but all the purple of her body and streaks are relatives of blue. In conclusion: ci
  8. Goodbye 5 ever!

    1. Bojo
    2. ZooZLight


      Wait... what?! :S

  9. If y'all read my post clearly, I didn't mean the ENTIRE SITE become a 100% no negativity forum. XD Just a section for people to go that's almost like a refresher forum. If you seriously thought I was trying to enact something that would force how people act on the forums, whatever. But by being seriously rude to me about it, you're just being a bunch of jerks. Thanks for that <3 I totes appreciate it.
  10. It's 3am and I'm thinking in gibberish. I think it's time to say goodnight! <3

  11. It kind of does now... XD;;; Dictatorship is governing people without their consent. It's basically the opposite of democracy. The person (or political party) who governs the land as a dictator has 100% say in what goes on. People are not given the option or allowed to vote on anything that happens to their country. They have no voices. The actual definition even states that the person (or persons) in charge excercise their power through oppressive mechanisms
  12. It couldn't have been a dictatorship because Celestia never opressed the ponies of Equestria. We also have no evidence to prove that Celestia rules without the consent of the ponies she governs. O:
  13. I don't know O: Because it seems Celestia and Luna are Princesses of the whole land of Equestria. Cadence only rules over the Crystal Empire and Twilight... doesn't rule anything just yet. XD Also, in the episode where Twilight is supposed to perform for the delegates from Saddle Arabia? They were simply delegates O: not the actual rulers/princesses/princes etc. You can also look at Queen Chrysalis who ruled the changelings.
  14. Honestly? I am not a tech savvy person. XD The most I understand about PC gaming is that I need a good video card and (preferably) a lot of RAM. However, I find it depends on the game I want to play... If it's Pokemon? Gotta be a handheld. I used to play it on my TV, back in the day when the N64 had a Game Boy attachment XD But if it's Minecraft? PC! I can't imagine playing it on anything else. I also can't play Final Fantasy on anything but a console O: I tried a PC version before and it was so weird... XD I think the issue for me is the act of playing it? It's easier for me to play games like Minecraft using hot keys and stuff, while at the same time it's easier for me to play Zelda games on a console (that isn't the Wii) because the controller is comfortable in my hands.