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    Apart from the obvious, I am also a huge fan of Star Wars, Mass Effect, and pretty much any other good sci-fi franchise.

    I'm very much into vintage music, styles, and technology from the 20th century. Basically anything between the late 30s and early 70s has my name on it, though the 50s I find especially fascinating.

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  1. Democracy is a flawed, imperfect system that's ripe for abuse; but I'll be damned if there's anything better. Here's hoping Britons remember this tomorrow. Go Brexit.

    1. Vox


      The decision's already here?

    2. Mand'alor Dash

      Mand'alor Dash

      Yup. Tomorrow, Britain either declares its independence, or submits to unelected dictators.

    3. Vox


      Oooh,boy, hope they break off.

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