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    i'm in love with music, and i was in love with a girl but ya know shit happens. So now she's gone and msic has taken over my life
  1. yo stix. where ya been at? You got skype?

    1. Stix the AppleDash lover

      Stix the AppleDash lover

      bro i've just been on minecraft alot and yeah im in the skype group

    2. Kazuki Fuse

      Kazuki Fuse


  2. this is absolutely wonderful!!!!! i wanna buy the rarity shoes so bad except they don't really come off as guys shoes and the whole, not have having 53 dollars thing but seriously this is all like super awesome
  3. well i know i am a little young to talk about being heartbroken and stuff, but i dated this girl for oh i dunno about 5 months (pretty long for a relationship between a 14 yr old and a 13 yr old) and she just broke up with me saying "personal stuff" two things made me sad, one that she broke up with me when i think i loved her (i know im a little young to say it) and the one that made me sadder was that we had been dating for a while and she couldn't tell me "personal stuff" but then i started to watch MLP and it made me happy, happier at least. and now whenever i get sad about anything, Rarity can fix it for me
  4. well, this sucks really bad. I used chat to vent and have a good laugh but if mods think it's for the best, then hey, i won't argue, just be sad. at least we still have the skype group which is kinda the same.

    1. Stix the AppleDash lover

      Stix the AppleDash lover

      haha i can't till tomorrow, at least4

  6. worst day ever :/ i'm sick, tired, and depressed. My girlfriend said she just wanted to be friends, but it will never be like that. I am literally coughing violently every 5 seconds. And to top it all off, my good friend in my spanish class, his house burnt down and one of his dogs died in the fire, they lost everything except the front door.

  7. Today has not been a good day :/

  8. Today has not been a good day :/

  9. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, my mane looks aweeeeassssooommeeee
  10. that is pretty much what she was trying to say, i still can't believe she made rarity cry that pissed me off