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  1. No the place I was in was just like an asylum, they weren't trying to help anyone all they did was force medication onto people even the nonviolent ones I had done research both before and after I was in there the part that I was in was for people who have the same type of mental illness that I have (not anything that I mentioned here) and I had found that in most non-extreme cases therapy tends to work better. The doctor there seemed to be a bit of a control freak and I had also noticed that she exhibited almost all of the common traits of a psychopath and when my mom told her that she did not give them permission to force medicine on me she really started to get pissed off and for that matter tried even harder to keep me there and convince my parents to let them use medication on me. Everything about that place screamed asylum it was dirty, they forced medicine on the patients, there were padded walls and barred windows, the staff didn't even try to help the patients. I could never call that place anything but an asylum. The place reminded me a lot of the places from movies, games, creepypastas, etc. it was the closest thing to hell on earth that I have ever seen. On a side note due to the music video for it the entire time while they were bringing me into the damn place I kept on thinking of nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. Well obviously they didn't call it an asylum but due to the way it was I still call it one, and the psychologist seemed like an actual psychopath.
  2. Not to long ago I was brought to Cincinnati children's hospital due to thoughts of suicide or at least what they thought were thoughts of suicide, no matter how many times I tried to explain to them that I wasn't suicidal and that it was more of a lack of will to live and that I had no intention of taking my own life they wouldn't listen and then about a day later they brought me to what I can only describe as an insane asylum, it had padded walls giant metal doors that could only be opened from the outside and they were forcing medication onto the patients most of which seemed to get worse after taking the medicine. It wasn't until my parents got there about 20 minutes later that I no longer had to fear what they were going to do to me, the doctor there seemed to be just as insane as the patients and she was constantly trying to convince me that I was insane because I had jokingly said something about killing JB and I had gone out of my way to say that I was just joking when I had said it, she also tried to misdiagnose me with various mental illnesses and my doctor and therapist agree that she was trying to misdiagnose me. Anyway since I'm typing this it obviously means that I am out of there and they didn't give me any of there "medicine" so here's a question, has anyone else ever been inside a place like this?
  3. I have been playing fallout 4 a lot recently ( yay PS4 mods are finally out ) and I have a question.... Who did you side with in fallout 4? I usually side with the Brotherhood but recently I decided to side with the Institute, I actually like both factions and I really wish you could replace the elder with a synth so that you could keep the BoS around if you side with the Institute. As for the other two I find the Minutemen annoying and I despise the Railroad.
  4. I know I'm a little late on this but thank you America for voting for our new president Donald Trump, also thanks for not electing the she devil.

  5. Whether you're a metal head or you just like the genre, everyone who listens to metal usually has at least one favorite band that they never get tired of listening to. Personally I can think of quite a few, but for the sake of not making this post to long I will just name a few of them. Disturbed: Disturbed is one of the many bands my friend introduced me to and ever since then they have been one of my favorite bands, I like almost every song from all of their albums (although there is one song in particular that I don't approve of). They are, in my opinion one of the best modern bands. Avenged sevenfold: I know that I might get some hate about this one, but I honestly don't care. I have heard the vast majority of songs by them and just like with disturbed I have liked pretty much all of their songs, they are also responsible for one of the most disturbing songs I have ever heard (A little piece of heaven), although I do still like the song. Metallica: And last but certainly not least we have Metallica, one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Pretty much everything by them is great (despite what others say I personally don't think their later albums are bad), and even their songs that aren't that great are still better than what are considered to be the best songs by some other bands. Of course, these are just a few that I think are the best, and I'm sure there are a lot more that I've never even heard of. So who's your favorite?
  6. I chose Alduin the world eater for two reasons one I love skyrim and two he is one of the most badass looking dragons in the game, sadly he is also one of the weakest but I still love the way he looks.
  7. Well if you had to choose which would you rather listen to bieber or imagine dragons?
  8. Can't really post any links right now but the things I've listened to recently would be - perfect insanity by disturbed - asylum by disturbed - the thing that should not be by Metallica - master of puppets by Metallica - almost everything on disturbed's newest album immortalized - a number of songs featured in CoD black ops zombies - war pigs by black sabbath - iron man by black sabbath - requiem by avenged sevenfold And schism by tool There's also a lot more but these are just off the top of my head.
  9. I agree with all of that except imagine dragons, they actually do have songs I like. Also I love how so many people are saying beiber, well then again he is essentially trash in human form.
  10. This is one of the first OCs I ever made I started working on her in early 2014. Name : starlight Sapphire Species : pony Race : unicorn Gender : female Age : around 23 Sexuality : bisexual Cutie Mark : waxing gibbous moon Personality : psychotic, angry, rebellious Theme : perfect insanity by disturbed, or sanitarium by Metallica Backstory : Starlight Sapphire is the psychotic daughter of princesses Luna, from a young age she was known to have violent outbursts during which she would often lash out and attack anypony who would get near her including family members, which led to her assaulting her aunt princess Celestia and in the process landing her in the castle dungeon ever since then she has held a deep hatred for Celestia. She has two siblings a brother and a half brother ( the half brother is the son of Celestia, they share the same father ) and neither she nor her siblings know their father who was presumably banished from canterlot by Celestia after she had discovered that Starlight and her older brother's father was the same as her son's. She believes that the citizens of Equestria all deserve to have freedom and equal rights, and that the only way said freedom can be obtained is through violent revolution and she is very loud about her opinion on Celestia's rule. She is also rather sadistic at times, and takes pleasure in causing the suffering of others, despite this she is also known for being fun loving and adventurous. I'm still working on her story but what I said above is a decent summary of the story so far, also the older brother is one of two OCs that represent myself. So, what do you think so far? I am willing to take advice and criticism. And yes I know the picture is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Also it looks better in person I had to take the picture with my iPad I might be able to take a better one with my phone.
  11. Well I've only ever heard dubstep made by him and again I just don't like dubstep.
  12. Oh how could I have forgotten one of the worst "musicians" I have ever heard Skrillex, well to be fair I hate dubstep in general but he's the worst in my opinion.
  13. Well there was one time recently when my automatron started freaking out and killing people in goodneighbor and while it kinda pissed me off because I had to load it back it was still funny at the time. Although it wasn't the funniest thing that's happened as a result of a glitch in a fallout game that title still goes to the time in new Vegas when I blew up little buster by shooting a truck, causing part of his body to fly out of camp mccarran, well that or when my friend blew up Veronica with C4 and she got embedded in the ceiling of doc Mitchell's house.
  14. I would go with either White Castle cheese sticks or my favorite food macaroni and cheese, I have both of these every week and rarely get tired of them.
  15. Last two games I played today were call of duty black ops zombies and the elder scrolls IV oblivion, both of which are amazing games. I have played countless hours of both although sadly my highest round on kino is in the low thirties I think it was round thirty two when a zombie snuck up on me and insta-killed me when I had juggernog.