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  1. MetalheadWolfman

    Creeping Darkness

    Creeping Darkness
  2. MetalheadWolfman

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

  3. MetalheadWolfman

    Eye of the Storm

    Idk I don't think it has any negativities. But, musicians generally don't like their own music anyhow. I don't lololzolzozlzolz
  4. MetalheadWolfman

    [Death Metal-ish] Conversion of Chrysalis (Collab with Br0racle)

    Very well done. :3 I can't believe this doesn't have anymore responses, I haven't heard very much brony metal that is this epic anyhow
  5. MetalheadWolfman

    Eye of the Storm

    Interesting song concept. 6.5/10 FL Studio requires a lot of concentration, learning, intelligence, and skill to operate fully. However, you can still develop those things[:
  6. MetalheadWolfman

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    20? Idk
  7. MetalheadWolfman

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    17 based on guess and humor
  8. MetalheadWolfman

    Brony Metal

    I can do screams, if you'd like. I'm also working on a symphonic death metal brony project called "Lamented Chains" ATM. Would be a pretty good side project thing to do.
  9. MetalheadWolfman

    Do You Support Twilicorn?

    -Myself This is a topic I posted and DashForever locked my topic and directed me to the appropriate topic to share my viewpoint and discuss this stuff. Well... discuss. :3
  10. I know that there's been a lot of debate an viewpoints in regards to being for or against the whole Twilicorn crap, but my reaction is: Who cares? (Well, a lot of people - but you get my point.) I think that MLP's overall storyline could go in an interesting direction either way and thus resulting in more entertainment. Does anyone else think the same way as me, or am I just the odd pony out? Odd pony out... heh heh..
  11. MetalheadWolfman

    Copyright conflicts with selling a pony album

    Right, here's what I've decided to do - Write songs with lyrics that seemingly aren't about MLP unless you were actually told what the song was about. Per say, you'd have no idea "Flower of the Season (feat. Aviators)" by Bronyfied has anything to do with MLP unless you were actually told. Hasbro can't come after me if I don't reference any of their content with trademarked characters and phrases. So, I'm going to get to writing. My project title is going to be "Lamented Chains" (© Isaac Swett, 2013. >:3) and I will be working on a first EP. C:
  12. MetalheadWolfman

    Hai :3

    Indeed, and so so I. Friends are good. (: Thank you very much for your kind words.
  13. MetalheadWolfman

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Perhaps there is a good reason why you are. Things are not always... as they seem. There could be more than meets the eye and under the surface that needs to be addressed.