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    In the end, the only one who truly matters is yourself.
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    Bionicle (Im a MASSIVE fan), My Little Pony (as big of a fan of MLP as I am of Bionicle) Star Wars, Film making, Acting, and Writing Fan Fiction.

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  1. Jalokim VA

    When will America die out?

    For the record, Canada will probably last longer. Go Canada!
  2. Jalokim VA

    (VA'S Required!) SAA: Turnabout Clef.

    https://soundcloud.com/toa-jalokim/golden-lips-audition Put my audition on Soundcloud, have at it!
  3. Jalokim VA

    (VA'S Required!) SAA: Turnabout Clef.

    Well, here is my audition for Golden Lips! If anything needs to be improved just tell me! Golden Lips Audition.wav
  4. Jalokim VA

    Opinions on my OC's new outfit

    Made another one This one is slightly different than what I usually do.
  5. I have done yet another outfit for my OC, Jalokim! Well, they are usually just the same outfit in different colours, but what do you guys think? Does he look nice in grey?
  6. Im in! I have a ton of experience, and I am going to be doing it professionally over the course of the year. Plus, I have an awesome microphone to record with. I am a male by the way, and as you said, you could find some roles for those males who want to help.
  7. Jalokim VA

    Am I the Only One Who Is Irritated by This Hoodie?

    The mane is one of the best parts of Vinyl's design, it just isn't her without it.
  8. Jalokim VA

    Need A Few Partners For A Project

    Will you need voice actors? If so, I can totally do that.
  9. Unless of course, they find the perfect guy. Not me though, probably someone else.
  10. Imma try doing this, since I am a big voice actor myself, and I am more suited for youthful roles! Here is my audition! I hope it's to your liking! Oh, and feedback is much appreciated. Beta Audition.wav
  11. I think it's great! I don't need to improve the voice on my end in any way, right?
  12. Well, here is my second take on Sterling cloud! If there is any other way you want me to improve the voice, feel free to tell me! Contructive criticism is much appreciated. Sterling Cloud take 2.wav EDIT: I made another take because I didn't feel that take 2 was good enough. Hopefully take 3 is more to your liking. Sterling Cloud take 3.wav
  13. sterling cloud audition.wav Well then, I just recorded my audition for Sterling Cloud, and I have to say, I have a good feeling about it! I will also audition for the captive zealot. Please tell me what you think of my audition!