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  1. Auran Smiled slightly at the notion of making her happy and taking stress away from his friend. He nodded to her and replied, "Anything to help a friend in need." He walks over and takes a blank schedule, takes a pen and starts to write down a couple of well thought out and planned schedules for his friend. He made sure the lunch times were perfectly fitted to each of the Guard's known preferances and made even more careful planning on where they should be positioned throughout their patrol. He then looked at the sheet and said to Rose, "Well, Cap. I believe if you're 90% at work, then everyth
  2. Yes, bud that's totally fine.Whenever you're ready.
  3. Longwing had saluted back to his Captain and he made the faintest inkling of a smile across his face as he saw the mare's respect for others hadn't been taken away by her ranking. He was really quite fond of Rose, actually sought to make her proud. He wished to be captain one day, maybe later on down the line of command. He was a General Officer, meaning he did hold fairly high ranks but still able to be deployed in combat. He regarded Rose as more of a friend than just a co-worker or partner in arms, thus he made it a duty to make sure she was treated fairly by any other staff member below hi
  4. Longwing sighed as he looked at the time and saw it was time for lunch. He sighed softly as a Guard took his place and he started towards the nearest eating establishment, but he remembered he hadn't had his schedule updated for next week, so he then rerouted and went towards the Captain's areas. He opened the door to Rose's area and he saw Arrow and Rose. He raised an eye as he looked at at the two,saying in a deep, and strong voice,"Good Afternoon. Ma'am I haven't recieved my new Schedule. I was just curious about if I was stationed at the same post or not. I've made a request to transfer to
  5. Auran stood at the base of Celestia's Throne, spear held tight as he stared into nothingness, his emotions blank and his face stone like. He took a deep breath as his mind started to wander, wondering what to do after his shift. He may go and train some more at the Training Camp, or he might get a bite to eat and head to the park to do his daily running and sprinting, or maybe even fly some laps around Canterlot. He kept his stone like face as his eyes slowly scanned the room, making sure none of the occupants in the Castle Hall were being mischevious or disrespecting any of the Royal Property
  6. Yes,that would be great. I'll go ahead and make his intro that's be awesome
  7. Want me to go ahead and post my intro?
  8. Yes, a high ranking one at that, he'll be a Throne Guardian. That's where I'll introduce him.
  9. I See. Thank you! Would any of you like to start a RP with me?
  10. Yes, I'd like to apply with my character, Aurän Longwing. here is his Character Sheet:
  11. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok sighed at the mare's comment to his attitude, and shook his head, "Not much to be happy about these days, I mean, one wrong move and your Necro food. I would highly reccomend you to stay with us, mare. The world outside is too dangerous to go it alone, the Necros are changing. Evolving. Just outside we killed a huge necro with clubs for fists. Survival is not something someone can do alone anymore. the first 3 years, yeah, I would say go ahead and leave, but now, everything is different. Not only do you fight the Necros, but survivors as well. People and ponies are- for lack of a better
  12. Sory guys, my internet has been down, but I'm up and running again. So very sorry, and I hope you still are up for this RP.
  13. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok looked at the mare unicorn talking to him, and he said with a blank emotionless tone," Can't turn what's already dead." He then looked at his dangling hand and tilted his head to the right a slight but as it's tendons and ligaments slowly lend themselves together, rather disturbing to look at really. He then stood and looked at the guns she had beside her and narrowed his pupils, " Reach for a weapon and the Necro is the last thing you will need to worry about. Contrary to my unicorn friend here, I have no intention of hurting you, but prove your a threat and that'll be the last thing
  14. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok follows Silver with dead silence, following his lead into the police station. Now that the rain was no longer assaulting his senses, he could clearly smell and feel another pony in the building. He narrows his eyes and continues ahead of Silver and follows the strengthening scent, feeling the life form get close. He opened the last door in between him and the pony and stared at the pony, cocking his head to the left slightly before a crawler Necro burst through the ceiling vent and headed strait for the unicorn, but thanks to Murdok's quick reaction speed, he tackled the mare and he hi
  15. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok sighed and looked at the ground, "I've had enough of this threatning me. If one of you says something threatning to me again, I won't hold my mercy clause any longer. I'm not a monster. I'm not a freak. And I did not want to be this. So lets just keep this little scene to ourselves. Besides, if you do tell anyone...Well, You know the rest." He then looks at Silver and said, "Thought you wanted your gear from the Police Station. One mountain at a time, Boy." He looks to the mare and blinks blankly at her before walking oast her and started heading towards the Police Station, not even mak
  16. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok stops moving in place and he closes his eyes for a second, saying in a calm voice, " I'm a Necrohemrophage. Or just a Necrophage for short. I am the only one of my kind, as far as I know. My name is Murdok Parrish, platoon leader in the EDF, or was anyway. Now, please remove that blade from my neck before I remove it for you." he looks over his shoulder at the mare, contemplating on doing one of the more disturbing things he can do with his body.
  17. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok started walking with the two ponies, feeling the sun starting to break through the clouds, he looks up in the direction of the city and he puts his arms in front of the ponies to make them stop, and he says," Before we go into that town, I need you to see something." he points at Cloudsdale, it seems to have been ravenged, just like everything else in this world, but something seemed a little different about it today it seemed like there was life up there. There were few pegasi flying around, along with what looked to be transport ships to take people and ponies up there, "We should try
  18. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok nodded to the unicorn and looked at the tent the pegasus was in and he closed his eyes for a moment, focusing his energy into the ground to send out sort of a "ping" that allowed him to sense all life in about 1 mile, though most of the land is now barren of life, it helps him pinpoint threats, lets him plan out his attack. He senses a small life signature very far from them in a nearby town, he sighed softly and stood from the fire, looking at the direction of the town. He then looked at Silver and said, We should go into the town soon. I don't like waiting in the open like this. espec
  19. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok nodded, "Most of us did upon initial infection. Only my squad and couple other stragglers made it out of the city alive, but soon after, my squad slowly died off from the sickness. I had to kill every one of my best friends." Even though he shared this sad story, he seemed a little unemotional about it, though he seemed like he was trying to seem sad. He took another puff of his cigar and said with a sigh," Cop, detective, EDF, theif. Dosen't matter now, all just a memory. Don't worry about the pegasus, she isn't a threat, at least for now. But I'm still here to try to help people and p
  20. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    Murdok sighed softly, but he had a slight inhuman growl in his undertone, this was a flaw that sometimes affected him, he can't control the growling at times and it would cause people to be suspicious of him, along with the fact that his eyes were golden cat's eyes that glowed. He replies in a calm, almost peaceful tone, "He left right before I got here. Luckily I could save that mare before she was found and killed." He blinked and blankly stared at Silver without a care or fear in the world. He then yawned softly and looked at the dead bodies and said," You know, I think these men raped that
  21. Aurora Lights

    Open Proto

    As Murdok feasted with ferocity, he started to smell another life form approaching the small camp that had been decimated by him. Murdok stops eating and looks up from the almost completely devoured human, his cold, heartless eyes peering in the direction of the life form, a pony. Stallion, smelled fairly seasoned in survival, and seemed to be alone. But he also smelt the steel of his rifle. Murdok growled softly as he drug the carcasses out of view and he cleaned his face, making his body form back to normal as he sat at the fire, staring into the roaring flames. He then smelled the strong sc
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