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  1. >hardly respected >rabid hatedom Are you seriously saying that one of the most POPULAR ask a pony tumblrs is """""""hardly respected""""""?
  2. are you sERIOUS RIGHT NOW YOU'RE PRACTICALLY WRITING OFF A CHARACTER WHO ACTIVELY RAPES AND SEXUALLY HARASSES OTHER PASTEL COLORED PONIES AS "A JOKE" DWM blog is most likely a joke. In fact, it's mocking the actual supporters. To make it worse, JJ immediately issued a comic ridiculing the supporters themselves.
  3. Oh, but I'm sure you can! The DWM movement is just now taking off, so join while you can. Even the smallest contribution helps. OuO
  4. Personally, I think that Molestia is simply awful and the DWM supporters should be heard, but other people are shrieking garbage about how "IT'S NOT RAPE" and "SHE'S JUST FLIRTY" Ugh. Clock in your opinions while I draw DWM art.
  5. Hemlock_Conium

    Annoy Feld0 Day

  6. In fact, I'm almost positive Twi's wings are permanent... Why would they make toys of her with wings if they were going to take them away directly after the episode?
  7. "Don't worry, Someday you will find that person who is perfect for you. They can't hide forever. We have satellites." -Night Vale podcast

  8. Why am I trying to sing the Luna version of Lullaby for a Princess when my throat feels like sandpaper

  9. Am I allowed to post multiple times? -Texas is now on my blacklist -So is Justin Bieber -Along with Taylor Swift -Also people on instagram That's fine! As long as you don't commit hate crimes against homosexuals, I'm not going to shout you down or anything. That'd be silly.
  10. Off to somewhere North of here I go!! Seriously. Tennessee- Where it's either sweltering hot or blistering cold and we have the most toothed mammal in North America!!
  11. Crest Fallen, Gloomy Skies, Under the Weather (or just Weather for short), Raincloud, Stormwings, or Morose Medley/Melody. (I have too many names and I need to give them to other people before I make an OC out of them) Or Blue Moon! (Blue = Sad, her coat reminds me of the moon)
  12. I have literally been dancing to Marina and the Diamonds - Girls for the last four minutes

  13. http://seaquence.org/g6hg I'm having a stupid amount of fun with this
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      All of my wut.

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      @Zerrodo TRY ITTTTTT

  14. Terrible dresses? TERRIBLE DRESSES?! TERRIBLE DRESSES?!? *ominous rumbling in the distance* Her friends were being hella picky! SHE MADE AND REMADE THE DRESSES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T LIKE THEM IN FULL!!