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    all credit for this awesome pic of my oc goes to Digiral, heres a link to his profile http://mlpforums.com/user/13652-digiral/ thank you Digiral ....video games, youtube, facebook, MLP, trying at stuff, and getting angry,well, not like, omg gtfo nub, all the time, im usally very chill, it takes alot of rude people to tick me off though, thus the reason my OC is Red Hot.

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  1. well in all honesty, i usally just rip pieces of paper up, acording to how many ideas i have, then write them down on thos paper pieces, put them on a hat, and just shuffle them up, and pick one.. its a bit random but to me it works and or if someone requested it id pick that one, but who am i kidding, no one requests stuff from me
  2. hmmm, oh my, i still have to edit 3 videos and make one for a tf2 server O_o i forgot! well crap, Thank you though, i probably wouldve forgot completely D: your not the only one, i woke up around 7 pm and was planning on going to sleep at 8pm or something so i could atleast try and get back on track with my sleeping, but right now, its 6 am here, totally failed that D:
  3. very creative way i to say your favorite ice cream its quite a different way... but im sorry, im out of Vanilla Ice cream for today, come again soon i just felt like saying that
  4. nice, like youve probably seen that i LOOOVVEEEEE bubble gum Bubble-Gum-Ice-Cream-1.jpg its just so tasty and it looks good, or the pink makes me want to eat it even more!! ha that was a fail i meant to well, you know, faaaiilll. well, time to link it or what ever. there we go. i meant to link this picture, cause its bubble lichous
  5. idk, im really bored, and well, i kinda need some cheering up, which i dont wont like "ooohhh, everythings okay" and that type of stuff, so. why not ask people whats the funniest thing that ever happened to them? well, mine is, quite a weird story. so here i go, once i was younger like 2 years old,i had to go to the bathroom, i walk in on my sister, and she wouldnt get off, so i told her "if you dont get off, ill pee in the tub" she stayed on, so i walked up, and peed in the tub, that simple, and that she had to clean it up. weird story...
  6. aww, well, that wasnt in my plans, well, crap
  7. well, my profile pic is suppose to mimic my built up rage, so maybe, just maybe.
  8. i would love a derpy jacket! shes awesome!!! but where i live most people just give you looks, and mostly because im a guy, so there like WTF :/
  9. well, i have before, i just go to the self checkout and start saying out load "i hope my daughter likes this" then run out the door. its really effective. even though i dont have a daughter, just say that so people wont judge me
  10. well, when somebody like a man walks in to a place for younger kids, the parents will come up to me and say, "stay away from my child" even though im just there for ice cream, people here are just straight up rude!
  11. neither am i, i just dont like it, i mean, strawberry, its just, one of those ice creams almost every body likes, even though its not that good :/
  12. same with bubble gum/ cotton candy, no one bought them, so they quit selling them in stores, to get them, you have to go to like the Robins place, or even the carousel, which ares has an ice cream station thing,which is just dreadful going there, because all the little kids, i mean, i love youngsters, but there parents just idk, just i get called a creep alot going in there it really hurts!
  13. well, next time i go and get ice cream, im sure to check it out, i mean moon mist sounds very tasty!!! now if only it had cotton candy ice cream in it!! birthday cake? sounds awesome!! ive had like birthday cake sandwich things but not just the ice cream its self, i have to try it out!!
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