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  1. Flutterbee

    NFL ponies

    Would you like to change your claim? You can certainly do that as long as we get a pic Are you claiming this one then? I'll be happy to post it, it makes sense. Of course we need a pic.
  2. Flutterbee

    NFL ponies

    Since I edited the first post to be a running list of which teams are claimed by which ponies. I'll go back and edit it for the posts before this one. It seems like a popular idea so we are going to do this. Here again is that awesome Trixie pic: I have you down for that one. I have Trixie as a Seahawks because she has a color scheme that goes will with it and I like Trixie a lot. Also because of how famous the Seahawks are for the noise they make. Trixie could be considered the loudest pony in the show. This throws a wrench in the idea since you did them all alre
  3. Flutterbee

    NFL ponies

    I think it would be cool to set up a pony for each NFL team. No ponies can be repeated and no teams can be repeated. Because of this it doesn't have to be a team you like. Each pony/team needs to have a picture though. I've already claimed Trixie for the Seattle Seahawks.. I had a friend make this picture last year. I was thinking of having her put on a large banner with the words "12th MARE" and give to a Brony attending a Seahawks game to display. Here I will keep a list of teams tagged and which ponies are representing each one. A person may claim one team and one pony. If you po
  4. None of my family members are into the show but they all know I am and none of them give me any crap about it. I haven't lived with them for over 15 years though. I'm moving back that way in a few months and maybe things will change when I am actually there.
  5. Unfortunately we live in a world full of people that think that they only way they can succeed or find happiness in their own lives is to destroy other peoples lives. That is the leading cause of all of the problems everywhere. It is what causes wars, religious conflicts, problems in our politics, income inequality, theft, rape, pretty much every single thing comes back to that way of thinking. These people do not understand that if they gave an arm of support and encouragement to others that it would help them out far more in the long run. This way of life is so dominate in every single p
  6. yay - Fluttershy you rock woohoo - Fluttershy The fate of Equestria does not rest on me making friends - Twilight Sparkle This is my book and I'm gonna read it - Twilight Sparkle Of course you only asked for one but everyone has to post at least 2 or 3 per the rules. Also there are too many good quotes not to. I think all the best ones are from Fluttershy, Twilight, and Trixie. Return of Harmony, probably the best episode for quotes over all. Spike, you're the new Rainbowdash Necklace, necklace, necklace, necklace, necklace, big crown thingy Look out, here comes To
  7. I will just state that when I say I am just like Twilight Sparkle, that includes the way she overreacts and loses her temper. That and the fact we can both shoot laser beams from our foreheads.
  8. Derpy beats all of these. Of the mane 6 I just can't really pick one but it is probably between Pinkiepie and Fluttershy. Derpy sad face just makes me tear up though.
  9. Yeah, I know some have left and I'm not surprised. When season 4 starts either most will come back or more will leave. That is what really determines if we have capped out now or not.
  10. The finale' was too short and the Twilight with wings part was just tacked on it seemed. I still like Twili with wings as you see in my pic but not how it was brought about. They had a pretty good idea with the finale' and it had potential but as a one parter it just flopped for me.
  11. Hasbro doesn't see Bronies at all. They don't even see people. They see demographics, numbers, legal issues, and corporations. It is the same for all of corporate america. Hasbro doesn't even acknowledge the existence of my business. They won't even do business with me. The simply care about Walmart and places like that.
  12. Favourite Ponies 1) Twilight Sparkle 2) Fluttershy 3) The Great and Powerful Trixie Favourite Antagonists 1) The Great and Powerful Trixie 2) Chrysalis 3) Lightning Dust Favourite Episodes 1) The Last Roundup (unedited) 2) The Best Night Ever 3) The Return of Harmony Favourite Scenes 1) Fluttershy in Canterlot Garden 2) Twilight meets Fluttershy 3) Sleepy Applejack Favourite Pets 1) Gummy 2) The Falcon that won the race 3) Tank Favourite Songs (MLP) 1) Love is in Bloom 2) This Day Aria 3) Baps Seed Favourite Songs (Fan Songs) 1) Awok
  13. I really like Trixie. Trixie is my favorite non-mane 6 pony. Mostly I like her from her first episode. I have made my arguments many times in the past and I'll sum them up here. I see her as a hero, not a villain at all. She fought hard against that Ursa even though she knew she couldn't do it. She is a hard worker putting that show together herself. She is generous to be willing to put on a show like that even if not everypony appreciates it. On the fan side of things she is great for the fan made music and art. I could realisticly see Trixie taking Twilights place as the unicorn of
  14. This is really not about the use of the phone and about a larger long term goal of reimplementing slavery. It is another lame excuse to imprison innocent people for use as future slaves and it is actually a brilliant plan. Corporations such as Apple and Hasbro already know how much money they can save by using Chinese slave labor. The problem they face is having to deal with the cost and time involved in shipping those products. If they can get slave labor in the USA then they are golden. Huge profits. Of course we have important things such and minimum wages to deal with. How do they g
  15. Flutterbee

    Movies/TV Watching TV? RANT

    I'm glad others are like me here. I've never been much of a TV watcher but it used to be nice to have. Now I'm not sure if I would bother watching it even if I could still get it for free. I watch maybe 2 hours of TV per month and that is generally news or Football. One channel I used to like was The History Chanel because I enjoy documentaries Now it is just a bunch of crap also. I used to kind of like MTV back when it was MUSIC television, there is no way in hell I would watch it now. Books and internet is where it is at. Anything worth watching I can get on the Internet and I will
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