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Status Updates posted by GhostPony750

  1. I want to stay a Changeling forever. Phoenix, dragon, changeling, the a simple pony... dunno lol.

    1. Miles


      My personal fav is the phoenix, but, I'm a dragon now so... oh well.

  2. I'm still alive! (Changed my name tho, you'll recognize my avatar)

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    2. 碇 シンジン
    3. Attack of the Pwns

      Attack of the Pwns

      Hey, good to hear from you! I didn't expect you to go active again, but it''so great to meet you! (I friended you because of your avatar while you were away, Cosworth is best hot hatch.)

    4. GhostPony750


      hey! :D And yep, the cossie is the best hatch. I'll try to be active more.

  3. Wew, I drifted away! Time to catch up...

  4. I'm leaving. Thanks to Sugar Cube, Celtore, Fluttershy94 and all my old friends for that great time.

    1. SCS


      I'm sad to see you go, but I respect your decision.

  5. Wtf I just broke my hand. o_O

  6. I didn't pass my math ;_: But I did well in my science exam... very well.

  7. Waiting for the results of my math exam. o_O

  8. I bought a new camera! :D I'll finally be able to take pictures of all the nice cars I see! ^_^

  9. Well, I'm not online as much as usual with that new job. o_O

  10. I think my CPU is dying. I listen to music and it uses 100% of it's capacity. o_O

  11. My earphones just revived. o_O Imma be careful with them lol.

  12. Ah... I just killed my hearphones ;_;

    1. Celtore


      Aww... What happened?

  13. Got a job!!! :D

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    2. Celtore


      Congratulations! ^_^

    3. GhostPony750
    4. GhostPony750


      I'm currently filling every documents. I can't wait! ^_^

  14. I'm trying to complete the pokedex on my Leafgreen. I'm having a hard time to find a Koffing lol.

  15. I'm now a Changeling! :)

    1. Celtore


      Awesome! I bet the transformation thing has some great utility! :P

    2. GhostPony750
  16. I finally changed the car in my avatar :)

  17. Omg, been sick all night -_-

    1. Celtore


      I'm sorry to hear... are you feeling any better?

    2. GhostPony750


      Yep, feeling better now. :) The nausea was intense. o_O

  18. A whole day, evening, night and morning playing dungeons & dragons with my friends. Haven't slept for 36 hours, I'm tired. o_O

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