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  1. Knock knock :v

    1. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      Whooo's there? ^~^

    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Someone curious on why aren't You on skype ;D

  2. hOI!

    1. Frostgage


      Special enemy Frostgage appears here to defeat you!!

    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      You say hello to Frostgage

  3. *pokes you with my snaketail* :3

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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Could use it, work is so boring today XD

    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Sure thing. But i guess i leave the hypno part out. Don't wanna let you sleep in on the job. :D

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Lol, thanks, forums for notifying me XD 

      I have mirror :v

  4. Have some angry polish:


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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic


    3. Wingnut


      I'd blow a gasket too if someone wrecked my tank, lol! 

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Someone, who wasn't even supposed to drive it XD 

  5. It seems Satan himself decided to make a residence in my area, because it is so scorching hot I can smell asphalt melting outside XD least I have a lot of ice creams and ice cubes at home. And some nice drinks. And a fan. AND my apartment is so conviniently placed sun has no access to its windows. Suck on that, Satan! :v
  6. I joined quite some time ago and I am still here. This place saw me in many different shapes. I changed a lot ever since I came here for the first time. But I am still the nice guy I used to be. Only can be a bit bitter when running into politics that slowly drift towards insanity. Hit me up. Save me from insanity. Spam me with brainless memes and random nice, fluffy stuff XD
  7. Question is - is the clone that actual person? In my opinion it is not. Unless You have a memory of death of Your loved one permanently erased it will hardly help. You'll still be aware that the person You actually love is long gone and what You watch is a mere illusion, a convinient lie, not to mention - a constant reminder of what You once lost. It just wouldn't work like it is supposed to. At least not for me. And I am pretty sure that in the end I would end up despising it. I'd see it as a pretender and a source of even more pain. And I am pretty sure I wouldn't even be the only one. I don't want such thing happening. If other people want to live like this (and every relative to the person who died is okay with that) then it is their choice. But I just don't even want to think about it myself. I can't picture myself with a clone pretending that someone never died despite seeing the grave each time I go to the graveyard.
  8. Jeric! :v

    1. Jeric
    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      *hugs* :3

      But seriously - would You mind a little talk on skype? I need to talk about something :P


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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      I noticed XD I can't speak Russian, but the language is very recognizable :v 

    3. Crypty


      Just a bit polished with alphabet. (kek. pshe-pshe pun)

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Speaking of that I really need to polish my russian already! :v

  10. Omg, SCS is back, can You be my meme buddy again? <3 

  11. Stalker

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    2. Snow


      What kind of excuse is that? come to my birthday party xD

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Give me moneyz for flight and visa and we have a deal XD

    4. Snow


      oooh... I dunno.. Australia is pretty far...

  12. Hi.


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    2. Stormfury
    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      One day staff will block me from posting status updates for the sake of preserving people's intelligence :3

    4. Coffee


      This made my morning <3