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  1. Gaming

    The game *is* fun if You want to catch them all. Some pokemon are extremely rare so You will find Yourself running like crazy if one appears on Your tracker and events make all the experience pretty interesting and fun at times. Combat is pretty poor, but it was announced it is going to be entirely changed. There are many more features on the way too, I am especially happy about trade - I'll probably catch some Tauroses when I get to the USA and then maybe we'll start a local contest for them in my town ;D Just keep in mind the game offers little more than just catching pokemon. There aren't even battles between trainers availible yet. Only in gyms. Also there are only two attacks to use and they are randomly given so forget about building Your own strategies etc... at least for now.
  2. It's alright, since it was worth the wait :3 I am a patient person XD You did a great job btw :3
  3. "Promoters for the upcoming Guns N' Roses concert released a list of banned items that fans are not permitted to bring to the venue. It includes light sabers"

    1. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Guns N' Roses? Where's that concert? Maybe I'll go if I survive Evanescence.

    2. Woohoo


      Saw GNR live last year :love:

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      No idea XD But this specific one is in UK from what I remember

  4. gaming

    I remember playing Battlefront 2 years ago and being member of one of polish biggest guilds. I was pretty much their "ace pilot" that stomped all the opposition we faced to the ground, because I was way too much into flying XD Funny thing is I was pretty bad in ground combat though - I did a decent job, but there were people far better for it. Still, we participated in little polish competition and in terms of space battle I gave us a nice victory :3 Also I was playing WoW for some time, but years ago I was super dumb about MMO mechanics so... I was mostly just walking around, doing quests XD I was dreadful at that game. Of course now I do much better job with MMOs, but now I also lack motivation to play them. Oh, well... I also enjoy coop games. Magicka is probably best example. It is, what I call "dumb fun", we just did ridiculous stuff and often brought death upon us by accident, but amount of laughter while playing was priceless XD

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    2. Glacies Frost

      Glacies Frost

      Well, my personal touch is in there. I picked the reference colors by hand.

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Good colour choice then ^^ 

    4. Glacies Frost

      Glacies Frost

      Thankee kindly

  6. There are 3 stages of life on

    Stage 1. Feeling lost, shy, looking for people to talk with.

    Stage 2. Getting along with people, writing super detailed and cool profile.

    Stage 3. LOL MEMES ROFLMAO *insert stupid profile description*

    1. Randimaxis


      Stage 4. ...

      Stage 5. PROFIT!


  7. *pointless, timewasting comment*

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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      *is wondering, what that even is*

    3. JU88snow


      *heart sinks because found out and cant cover up, desperately thinks of how to get away scot free*

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      *there's no way to run* >:v

  8. *hugs* as You wish : D

    1. VinylWubs


      Yay! *hugs back* : D

    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Yeyyy :D I've found someone like me :v 

  9. Give me some tzatziki D:

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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      (same here) XD

      Already sent :3

    3. VengefulStrudel


      (Luckily we're going to order some tomorrow. xD)

      Hoorah, I got mah potato!


    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Dat potato is too kawaii XD

  10. I speak memeglish.

    1. JonasDarkmane


      I speak kekish 

  11. Got my TokyoTreat box <3

  12. *hugs her OC* : D

    1. Kalani.


      *hugs back* :3

    2. Sir Hugoholic
  13. Send me some Golden Gaytime D: