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  1. NickThePhoenix

    Hello, Everypony!

    Oh hey a programmer too! Do you by chance happen to know any Java? And you make music! That's awesome too! Personally I prefer making the electro techno styles the most!
  2. NickThePhoenix


    Hey I know a guy from Romania! Now I know two! Welcome to the forums and hope you have lots of fun here!
  3. NickThePhoenix

    Just another "Hi everypony!" topic.

    Hi! Welcome to these forums! I'm new here too so I can't really say much other an that what I have seen is pretty awesome! And hey! Another Phoenix!
  4. NickThePhoenix


    Oh, I came off strong again :| I have a habit of doing that... Oh well Aka for welcoming me! It makes me feel so...uh...welcomed... /) to all @flutterspark: I've been a brony for about 3 months, I'm still pretty new I like to make music, remixing I only like to do every so often
  5. NickThePhoenix


    Hi everypony! My handle is NickThePhoenix! I happened to stumble upon this fine forum one day because, well, because I was looking for a site that would be friendly to bronies! I happen to also be a member of MyLittleRemix, but that is more focused on music making. So I decided I wanted a place where I could just hang out and talk to people 'n' such. AND HERE I AM! OHMICELESTIA IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME I COULD JUST, AHHHHHHH! *ahem* Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I love meeting new people so if anybody wants to talk to me, don't be shy! Please, I love talking to people! So yeah, that's me. Hi