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  1. Hey, nice to meet you. I'm new to the forum too, and I started watching the show in June this year.

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    2. NickThePhoenix


      Assassins Creed, The Elder Scrolls(Fav is #IV), Halo, CoD(Kinda), Sly Cooper, Paper Mario(Mario in General), Pokemon, 'n' such. I really like RPG's and FPS

    3. DerpyTacos99


      Cool, I played some AC too. I'm a big pokemon fan too. We sure are talking a lot in this profile status thing, I don't even know what it's for haha

    4. NickThePhoenix


      Yeah we are aren't we? I think it's just for updates on what's goin on and stuff.

      I don't really know what it's for too :/

  2. Oh hey a programmer too! Do you by chance happen to know any Java? And you make music! That's awesome too! Personally I prefer making the electro techno styles the most!
  3. Hey I know a guy from Romania! Now I know two! Welcome to the forums and hope you have lots of fun here!
  4. Hi! Welcome to these forums! I'm new here too so I can't really say much other an that what I have seen is pretty awesome! And hey! Another Phoenix!
  5. Oh, I came off strong again :| I have a habit of doing that... Oh well Aka for welcoming me! It makes me feel so...uh...welcomed... /) to all @flutterspark: I've been a brony for about 3 months, I'm still pretty new I like to make music, remixing I only like to do every so often
  6. Hi everypony! My handle is NickThePhoenix! I happened to stumble upon this fine forum one day because, well, because I was looking for a site that would be friendly to bronies! I happen to also be a member of MyLittleRemix, but that is more focused on music making. So I decided I wanted a place where I could just hang out and talk to people 'n' such. AND HERE I AM! OHMICELESTIA IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME I COULD JUST, AHHHHHHH! *ahem* Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I love meeting new people so if anybody wants to talk to me, don't be shy! Please, I love talking to people! So yeah, that's me. Hi