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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hi there, and happy birthday! :) Hope you have a good time~ ^.^

  3. Oh wow, i wouldnt mind doing this! But umm... is it too late to join?
  4. Hey everypony! Sorry ive been gone so long, school and all.. But ill be on the rest of the night and hopefully this weekend! Great to be back!

  5. @Pinkie Paranoia Eric smiled and looked over towards Bethanie, following up with Lurele's question. "Yeah, Bethanie! it'd be great to have another friend along for the journey." Eric explained. "And i know larvestia would be happy to meet you, so what do say?"
  6. @Pinkie Paranoia Eric chuckled at what Bethanne had said about nurse joy. She stood up and suggested that they rejoined the group. Eric nodded and stood up walking back with Bethanne. @Lhee @Ampharos @EquestrianScholar "Alright everyone, should we continue on to the next city?"
  7. @Ampharos @Lhee @Pinkie Paranoia Eric smiled at Lurele words. He knew that Larva had done good, but he also knew that Larva was aware that he would just say thing to her to make her feel better. He noticed that Bethanne had looked back to him after addressing his friends. She returned her egg back into her back and walked past him. Eric stepped out of her way and let her pass. He watched and saw that she was about to catch what looked like an abra, then watched as she knelled down and helped the wounded pokemon, causing a smile to form on his face. "It's a good thing we have trainers in this world like her." Eric said aloud, walking over to Bethanne and kneeling down beside her. "Your a real nurse joy, Bethanne." Eric said to her with a smile.
  8. @Pinkie Paranoia As Eric waited for his friends to announce where they would head next he could a sweet voice call from behind him. He turned to see a new trainer. He smiled and brought a thumb to his chest. "Hey I"m Eric." He greeted in a welcoming tone. He took a few steps towards her, reaching his hand out for a shake. "Nice to meet you."
  9. @danzxc123 Midnight smiled and returned the hug she was given. She was happy to see one of her future subject in such a good mood. Rainbow only rolled her eyes at the fashion mare when she received Carnation's look. "And my, my you have grown quite a bit haven't you." Midnight smiled and sat on her haunches and put one hoof on her chest and another on her hip, and finished with a confident look that bloomed over her face. Her cyan aunt rolled her eyes and a smile on her face. As Midnight took her pose Carnation began to speak again. "Dear! You mentioned my dress. Why are you not wearing it? I would have loved to see you in it..." "Oh i was wearing it." She then gave a look of annoyance remembering the itchy dress. "But aunt Rarity made me take it off cause she thought she had a better one. But it was sooo itchy, and not nearly as pretty as yours." Midnight then grew a look of guilt."Please don't tell her i said that..." She looked back at rainbow dash. "Aunt dashie, you cant tell Aunt rarity!" "Relax kid, i wont." "No! Aunt dash, you have to Pinky promise!" Rainbow sighed and with a light smiled did the normal pinky promise motions. Midnight smiled and hugged her parents friend. Rainbow dash then decided to take midnight back to her parents. Midnight said her good bye to Carnation and the two where off, but as she walked her adoptive niece back to her parents she looked back at Carnation and shot her a look, then quickly looked back in the direction she was waling.
  10. @danzxc123 (pffff what? i didnt even notice ;] XD) Midnight smiled at the mare that stood in front of her. The pony was silent but midnight still had her smile on. Rainbow recognized the mare from how Rarity had described she gave the mare a scolding stair but stayed quiet, not wanting to look bad in front of midnight. "Midnight, is that you darling?" The mare asked. Midnight chuckled and and nodded her head to the mare. "Mhm, its nice to meet you again, i just wanted to say thanks for the dress you made me, it was so pretty and beautiful!" Midnight then rose an eye brow sporting a confident smile, walking next to the mare and nudging her leg. "Sure have grown sense the last time you saw me hu?" Midnight asked smiling up at the mare. Rainbow Dash gave a laugh to the little filly and walked up to her, rubbing her head. "What are you talkin about squirt? Your still a cute little filly" The cyan mare teased. "Hey, im not cute! And I'm not little!" Midnight corrected with a snort. Rainbow giggled and nudged the filly. "I know im just teasin." Rainbow then started to tickle little midnight. "Aunt dash... stop!" Midnight waled out while laughing. She was able to get Rainbow to stop. She got up and dusted herself off and fixed her hair, and walked back over to the fashion mare. She smiled and began to talk again. "So, miss carnation how are you after all this time?"
  11. @Lhee Eric was releved to hear that Poliwag was okay. He then agreed with Lurele that the battle should end at a tie. Larvestia however did not like this and cried out in a protest. Eric knelt down, rubbing Larvas head."Hey, its alright, its only our first battle, you did your best and you where great." Eric picked up the bug pokemon, and hugged her." Im really proud of you" He then smiled at her and put her back into her pokeball, then stood up and called to his other friends. @Ampharos, @EquestrianScholar "Alright guys, where to next?"
  12. @Lhee Eric became nervious as steam covered up the battlefield. "Larva!" He called, he waited for the steam as it did he could see his pokemon panting heavly, he quickly ran up to her had rubbed her head. "Larva, are you alright? If you want we can stop, just tell me and I'll let you rest." Larva shock her head with a smile. Eric slowly rose up and smiled at her. "Alright, give it your best." He walked back and gave room to the pokemon. "Lurele, is poliwag alright?" He called.
  13. @Lhee Eric stood confident, and waited for the right moment just when the Poliwag and brought it's tail close to is body ready to hit Larva. "String shot!" Eric shouted. Larva emedently used her move trapping the the pokemon with its tail webbed to its body. "Now, use ember 3 times." Larva nodded again then did as told firing three attacks of Ember at poliwag.