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    obviously mlp, punk rock, my gf, hair cutting/dying, horror movies, singing, acting, working out, my few friends, reading, talking, Kpop, art of all mediums, activism.

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  1. Nice profile picture :P

  2. i have been a pegasister as long as i can remember.... was obsessed with mlp for a long time, and when it vanished, it hurt. time passed by, and i started packing up my toys, vhs tapes, and figurines. then it came back on, to the present day mlp. at first i wasnt ready to accept change and continue my obsession, mostly because so many good shows have been reincarnated into scary things. but one day, curiosity overtook me, and i was hooked once again!
  3. anyone out there who can help me get this thing up and going? or hints and or tips? i would be deeply grateful, for i am quite pitiful at social sites such as this one.

    1. POW


      I can help! I love helping people (Maybe too much XD) but anyways my fav place is sugarcube corner where you can talk about whatever you want with others and its a good place to make new friends as well as the roleplaying part of the site.

  4. well, i just happened upon this site by goofing with my bff in art class, and i was talking to her about my bf being a brony, and me being a pegasister. so she looks up 'help my boyfriend is a brony what do i do?' and we looked through all of these stupid articles and paragraphs, and i saw an entry from Sugarcube Corner. i poked around a bit, and i was like SWEETTT! so i signed up. i have the horrible felling that my profile is just going to be a huge epic fail like my instagram,...

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