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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello! I heard you like Minecraft :3

    1. DaFlash


      yush indeed :3

    2. ~Rogue~


      Well.... maybe we could play together, or something...

    3. ~Rogue~


      Know any good, small servers I can join?

  3. Deviled eggs O3O

  4. Weirdest dream i have evar had o.o

    1. Malinter


      probably wierder than mine.

  5. "Wat." Nuff' said. Funny part is I forgot at one point this show even existed.
  6. Happy birthday to me <(o.o<) (>o.o)>

  7. I listen to too much glitch hop -_-

  8. DaFlash

    Music Favorite decade of music?

    2000's. Something just strikes me good about that era. So much awesome music too
  9. 6th gen, considering lots of my childhood memories went into PS2 :3
  10. HeadGames. Why? Extreme Paint Brawl. Nuff' Said.
  11. 1 Word people: Discord. *tons of random clapping*
  12. These are all awesome replies Anyway my favorite would probably be Open Hexagon, a clone of Super Hexagon.(I'm a nerd ) If you look it up, just... Woah. XD
  13. DaFlash

    Hello! New here

    *gets ready to sing* WELCOOOOOOOOOOME! *blows up* Oops, my bad... Anyways welcome to the forums! Hope you haz a good time!
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