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  1. Hello! I'm currently looking for a casual group to play the Roleplaying is Magic Seasone 4e set of rules. If need be I can DM but otherwise I'd like to play a character. This would be a great chance for you to share some stories! Hope to work something out, just lemme know and we shall plan!
  2. Hello! I'm Mono_Chrome! I had an interesting idea to have weekly gaming "meetups" to meet new people within the fandom. The games could range from Pokemon to WoW. I'm open to suggestions. This weekend I'm thinking of playing some Splatoon on the 10th. Halo the night of the 11th and either Minecraft (xbox version) or WoW. My Nintendo ID is "MattDanger2899" and my XBL gamertag is "Nuclear Matt117"! I hope to hear from some of you!
  3. Hey all! Chrome here. I've got a new sort of project I've been working on called "Channel MonoChrome" It's a new youtube channel I created solely for pony content. I only have one show being produced at the moment called "MonoChrome's Chatter box" which is to be the main podcast. If you guys could take a look that'd be great. If you like it enough to subscribe that'd be better! If you'd like to be on the podcast, I'm always looking for guests. Thanks
  4. My Radio play "It's a Dangerous Business" made it to EQD!!! The excitement intensifies!!!
  5. Check it out, guys! Tell me what you all think!
  6. Hello guys! I've written a pilot for a Radioplay based on a fic that I can hopefully get off the ground. The fic is called "It's a Dangerous Business, Walking out your front door." A phenomenal piece of literature by JetFire. Anyway, I had inspiration to do this when I saw the Fallout: Equestria play. The parts in the script I have now are Spike and the Main Six. Some sample lines are as follows: Rarity: Well, I happen to think I do. I have quite the reputation, you know! Twilight: Let's start with short distances. Teleport from where you are now, to where I sat that napkin down. DASH: Come on, Rarity, do it! It'll be awesome! Pinkie: Yeah! Think of all the nasty accidents you could have if you teleported wrong! AJ: Well, I think Rarity's wise to want to keep her hooves on the ground! Fluttershy: You know, Twilight just wants to help. Spike: No thanks, I didn't get much sleep last night. If you'll all send your auditions to the email: Please have a decent sounding recording device! If it sounds good, I'll send you a script. Deadline will be in two weeks. I'll extend if I need to. Let's try and get this thing up and running! Thank you in advance! -Matt
  7. Hey everypony! I'm sure you all know what RiM is, but those who don't: Roleplaying is Magic is a pony-themed tabletop RPG! I'm currently looking for a group to get together and play on the weekends (or weekday evenings, but actual times can be negotiated) I'm currently writing an adventure campaign, but we can play some small episodes just to get a feel for the experience. (I'm still new to tabletop's ^_^') To any interested, give me a shout on Skype! MattDanger2899. Thanks!
  8. Hello all! MonoChrome here looking for some voice actors to fill two spots. The characters you will be voicing are your own OCs and they will become part of the main cast of a comedy series I am writing for. The premise is that 6 different ponies are brought together to live in the same house in ponyville and are forced to live together. It'll be a parody of Big Brother, Jersey Shore and shows of that nature. The OCs in particular need to be a Pegasus of any gender and preferably a female unicorn WITH an accent (British or Aussie). If any are interested, email me at include a pic of your OC and a small sampling of your voice displaying your natural range and tone. I look forward to hearing from you all! -Matt EDIT: Thank you all for your submissions! The VA's have been selected and scripts will be going out by this weekend!
  9. It'll be a survival/exploration run of the LOTR mod. Version 1.6.4 Although I agree strongly with the MLP mod, I'm not sure if it will conflict too greatly with the LOTR mod. Suppose I could try though