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  1. What is strength? You may ask .The money? Power? The power is in the truth. I'm the voice of truth there, so I have already won! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60YrJbAGhYE

  2. What else can I do, if you block every word of truth here? You like to live in lie I see, go on

  3. 575 warning points? It's all what you can do? C'mon...

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    2. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      No, it is not, it's never too late. Go on, if not here then PM me and maybe I will manage to help You out.

    3. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      They'll go away eventually, right? Stuff happens.

    4. Nohbdy


      I sent you a PM about this and your blog post, zev_zev. Talk to me about your concerns. I'll be more than happy to listen!

  4. My head hurts...this pain is impossible

  5. Wow it's sounds like Twilight is the ruler of universe :-) But I still think that Tree of Harmony connected with "heart" of universe.
  6. I bet, that I have ghost or fantoma, or smth like that into my apartment

  7. Just a little connection, but in General, it's not exactly what I'm talking about
  8. I guess she was born( or created) in the era, when Titans was banished into Tartarus. And Equestria needs someone to control sun and moon. About her parents... What if Celestia and Luna never had parents? What if Tree of Harmony created them? If Tree has power to create crystal castle in 5 seconds, so why it can't make 2 goddes-alicorn-princesses. I guess we're all underestimated the power of Tree of Harmony. http://mlpforums.com/topic/97800-threads-of-fate/
  9. Just like Kratos always do: he can stick Blades of Exile into Tyrek, and just folowing him (chains). Teleporting coudn't help him.
  10. Kratos had Golden fleece what can reflect all magic attacks. In melee combat Tyrek has no chances. Tyrek need to keep Kratos in range for survive (yes, I said "for survive" I'm not talking about victory) Kratos agile as hell and he's very fast, so he will get Tyrek very quick. And when Kratos will start melee combat...poor Tyrek
  11. It seems that the events taking place in Equestria and what happens to the characters, all of this is pre-ordained. And I don't mean screen writers, I talking about universe of show. For explain what I mean: The Tree of Harmony. Why Tree made this chest-flower? How Tree could know that mane 6 will need Rainbow power to stop Tyrek? And then in the ending, how Tree could knew that Twilight need new house? Moreover, there was 6 big thrones for mane 6 - the embodiments of elements, and 1 little throne near Twilight's throne, for Spike. How Tree of Harmony could knew that embodiment of element of magic - Twilight Sparkle has a little dragon as a helper? So, I think, I almoust sure that Tree of Harmony, it's kinda supreme mind. And Tree of Harmony directly connected with "Thread of Fate" of Equestria. Not clear for you right? Yeah, it's hard to explain. There are Wyrd sisters Moira in Ancient mythology. Three sisters who weave the threads of fate for every mortal in world. Equestria also has 'Thread of Fate" and it seems like Tree of Harmony can "see" this thread. I'm speaking in metaphors right now, please do not take it literally ok? Did you noticed that Tree of Harmony has symbols on trunk? The symbols is: Celestia's cutiemark, Luna's cutiemark, and Twilight's cutiemark. Well Celestia and Luna lived few thousands years, it's ok, but Twilight is so young, it's seems like Tree of Harmony knew that one day the unicorn Twilight Sparkle will born! And all of this, everything what happened with Twilight and her friends was already pre-ordained. And "Threads of Fate" of Twilight Sparkle and her friends are in "hands" of Tree of Harmony, because Tree known what will happen in Equestria in future.
  12. Glory to Celestia, the most beautifull princess!!!

  13. 2 powerfull princesses and 1the MOST powerfull (Celestia) gave all their powers to Twilight. So obviously Twilight was the most powerfull creature in world in that moment