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  1. You know what's wrong with ponies? No matter how strong they get, they'll only ever be 1 Horsepower. Pathetic.

  2. I'm nominating Blades of Glory. Your welcome, MLPForums
  3. That'd be sweet. Uhhh... America. Sorry to say it. By the way, noob would be an overstatement. I use the buckshot approach. If you fire enough bullets, you don't have to aim.
  4. Well, I guess "rough" is more relative than I thought. These are way better than my stick figure sketches; if I want anything even remotely non-gruesome it takes over an hour (along with intense focus, a hissy-fit or two, and multiple pencil sharpenings).
  5. I don't think that there is one legit answer. But I think it mainly has to do with how widespread the ponified artwork and things-such-as are. You can search for anything, literally anything, on google images and if you scroll far enough down the page, there will be a pony somewhere. Go ahead... I'll give you time to try it for yourself. Having to be constantly bombarded by all things pony can get aggravating to some. Which then leads to them not liking the fans that post pony related stuff in the first place. Beyond that, it's probably just homophobia or some shit.
  6. Well, there you go. My absolute lack of knowledge of the game. I'm still trying to learn the ins and outs (not to mention the maps- get snuck up on all the time).
  7. Last time I cried is when I realized how few friends that I actually have. Everyone said that college should be the best time of your life; when you are most social. But I felt lonely ever since I got there.
  8. Shinespark

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Last movie I watched was Anchorman 2. Not as good as the first one IMO. Seems like it tried too hard to be funny.
  9. I just recently got into tf2. I gotta say, it's pretty darn addictive. Don't have any of the extra weapons and powerups yet though. If any of you other bronies want to play, feel free to add me on Steam (same username as above). I was kinda bummed when I learned that the PoniArcade servers weren't even working. Ah well, destroying anonymous people on the intraweb gets me pumped.
  10. If a cupcake is made out of cake, what's a muffin made out of? Muffin?

  11. I'm all joined up. My Steam username is Shinespark, naturally. I've been getting back into TF2 recently, so I'd love to play with some others. I'm a fierce competitor, though. :okiedokielokie:
  12. MORE SUGAR, 'cause meth doesn't come in little packets

  13. That moment when the day rests in your panicky hooves. It's times like these that separate the stallions from the colts.
  14. That time of the day that you reach into the box and find ONE waffle.

    1. Kitty-chan


      but don't waffles come in packs of two

      who ate the 2nd? you should contact detective Pinkie pie

    2. Radiance64


      Criminal I say!

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