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  1. Lightwing's post in Not getting emails for anything was marked as the answer   
    Opening Support Tickets is really easy. All you have to do is:
    First, go to the Client Area:
    Now you'll see a list of options. Overview, Purchases.... Click on the one that says Support:
    Next you'll see this screen, where you must press New Request
    From this point, it is an straight shot. Write about the issue that you are having and all that, and send it, in this case, to our Technical Issues / Bug Reports center, and once you are done, click on Submit Request.
    Did this helped you?
  2. Lightwing's post in gif profile? was marked as the answer   
    @The Derpy Hooves, to use a GIF as a profile picture you must meet a series of specific requisites:

    First of all, it must have its dimensions put to 150x150 as a maximum size, with an streching to 150x200 if you are a Donor or Suscriber. Unlike with normal pictures, you cannot let the forums resize it for you, or else it will be treated as a PNG, thus using only the first frame of the GIF. Now it comes the size, which is the most common problem. A maximum of 100kb, or 150kb if you are a Donor or Suscriber, is what you are required to have to be able to use a picture as an avatar here, whenever it is a normal picture (PNG, JPG...) or an animated picture (GIF). Did this helped on any way?
  3. Lightwing's post in Can't find my Request shop topic! was marked as the answer   
    Oh, that was easy! c:
    You seem to have found the problem, so onto closing this topic c:
  4. Lightwing's post in Uploading avatar was marked as the answer   
    @Shamira, as BPCannon said, you can only upload an avatar when:

    Its size doesn't surpass 100kb. If you decide to donate to this forums, you can expand the limit to 150kb, as part of the donation perks. Its dimensions don't surpass 150x150(as a normal member), or 150x200 (as a Donor). Although if you use a picture that doesn't meet the minimim dimensions, yet it has a size under 100/150kb, it will be resized to the most adaptable size. You can always use a basic painting program, or use this online editor , if you don't want to go through the problems of finding the right program.
  5. Lightwing's post in Youtube Troubles was marked as the answer   
    You are welcome, @Terawolf.
    Sadly, this problem goes beyond what we can do, as it is a flaw of Youtube and its system, so unless those conditions are met, one cannot add a personal URL into the Youtube Box, although as a temporal solution you can add it to your profile.
    I am honestly sorry that I cannot give more aid on this, but I hope that at least I resolved some doubts and helped you both to get your channel names later on.
  6. Lightwing's post in Creating a blog? was marked as the answer   
    , we do have an in-depth guide about how to make blogs, as part og out Forum FAQ.
    For more information, press here --> Clicky!
  7. Lightwing's post in Vague plagiarism rule was marked as the answer   
    @, Our basic stance when it comes to multiple stances of plagiarism depends:
    Octavia's Hall FAQ offers you different examples of plagiarim, including the use of Pony Creator, use of Show Assets and Recolors Breaking of those rules carries a Warning of 100 points, according to our Warning FAQ: Did that resolved your doubt? If so, please post here.
  8. Lightwing's post in How to use the spoiler button on your profile? was marked as the answer   
    , do you mean how to use it inside your About Me? Because if so, there are two methods for this:
    The first one involves the use of the Special BBCode button, which you can see in the editor:

    Click on it, and you'll be shown a list of multiple "Special" functions. You'll eventually find a button that says Spoiler:

    Afterwards, just write what you want to write and/or add (Pictures, Videos, etc...), and when you are done, press Okay
    The second method is a BBCode directly, which works like this

    [spoiler]Example [/spoiler]  
    Is this what you wanted to know? Whenever it is or not, please notify me about it.
  9. Lightwing's post in the about me page.... was marked as the answer   
    @@Brony Mata, this is sadly a known glitch of the About Me editor. 
    Stealing a quote from @Drakkon:
    I took the freedom to solve it for you, so look in this spoiler for your page as it was saved as late as October 6th:
  10. Lightwing's post in Max Characters Per Blog was marked as the answer   
    @Brony Mata:

    Blogs have undefinied character limit, which can be translated in a more simple way as "Blogs do not have Character Limit". The Blogs are your personal space (which still falls under the Global Rules), so you don't need to follow any specific structure. Just keep on mind that you have to follow the Global Rules, and you will be able to post nearly everything you want. Is there anything else I can help on, or something else that do you want to know?
  11. Lightwing's post in What is magic kindergarten was marked as the answer   
    Both answers complement perfectly, so into one post they go.
    Also, from what i've seen, you had your doubt resolved @FlitterFlutter, so I can lock this. If you have any more doubts, don't hesitate about making another topic. Have a good day! c:
  12. Lightwing's post in Can't change password was marked as the answer   
    @Hovershy, this kind of situation requires the making of a Support Ticket, as this situation cannot be assisted in public. Locking topic.
    Support System
  13. Lightwing's post in Where Do I Submit MLP Forums Banners? was marked as the answer   
    @@Ecntrix, the normal method of Banner submission consists in sending one PM to all four Administrators with your submission. This is a process that must always be followed whenever it is being submitted for our monthly Banner Contest(which you can read more about here) or not. 
    Also, the banners must have a size of 1000x255 Pixels, and they must be saved on a PNG format.
  14. Lightwing's post in How to use the HTML in your profile? was marked as the answer   
    , I am going to asume that you want to know about how to edit your profile, so I will be going with that.
    Let's start with the basic. In MLPForums, we use the BBCode format rather than the HTML. For example, where you would type
    <b>bolded text</b> You should translate it to:
    [b]bolded text[/b] From base, it's not too different, and if you already knew about HTML, you should have no problem with BBCode. We even have a BBCode Master List in case you are curious.
    But anyways, to the thing. This forums offer you an editor where you can toogle the different options of what you want to edit.(Only in PC Version)

    It is pretty self explanatory. There are options to turn your words into Bold, Italics, etc... You also have access to emotes, and so you can edit your characters's format and size.
    You can also use the BBCodes by themselves, but from my point of view, it is much faster to do it this way.
    I believe that this is what you wanted to know, but I leave this open just in case of being wrong, so if I am wrong, please notify me.
  15. Lightwing's post in how long should it take for posts to show up on your profile was marked as the answer   
    @NeonFlash1, the Active Post counter, unless it suffers a bug (which it doesn't currently) is updated instantly the same moment you make a post in any of the forum sections where it does count.
    To make it more clear, posts made in Welcoming Plaza, Testing Forum, Roleplay OOC sections, Fan Clubs and any of the Cloudsdale Colliseum sections will NOT count towards your Active Post count. If you want to increase it, I recommend you to make posts with a minimum of quality in places like General Discussion or Sugarcube Corner.
  16. Lightwing's post in How Do I Put Stuff In Spoilers? was marked as the answer   
    @best poni, the process to put things inside the Spoiler box is iretty simple, in fact. The first thing is to click here, in the Special BBCode box:

    Then a list of options will appear. Amongst all those options, you'll end up seeing the Spoiler option:

    Simply write what you want to write, add what you want to add, and Press "Okay". The result should look like this
    But if you are, for example, in the mobile version, you cannot access the Special BBCode box, so that's why the normal codes exist:
    [Spoiler]Example [/spoiler]Does that resolve your doubts?
  17. Lightwing's post in Has the forum been glitching for anyone else since Alicorn Rarity showed up? was marked as the answer   
    @Unicorncob, did you tried cleaning the Cache of your browser? Most of the time it resolves this kind of issues.
  18. Lightwing's post in Site's Shortcuts and Gizmos (Ex: Spoilers and Member shortcuts) was marked as the answer   
    Pretty simple, in fact. The first thing is to click here, in the Special BBCode box:

    Then a list of options will appear. Amongst all those options, you'll end up seeing the Spoiler option:

    Simply write what you want to write, add what you want to add, and Press "Okay". The result should look like this
    Same deal as with Spoilers. Just use the Special BBCode menu until you see the option "Members":

    After that, simply write the user's name (write it exactly as it is). The result will be the following:
    But if you are, for example, in the mobile version, you cannot access the Special BBCode box, so that's why the normal codes exist:
    [spoiler]example[/spoiler] Member: (note that you don't necesariely need to add the @ at the beginning)
    [member=Kivil] Also, if you want to know all the other codes, we do have a Master List where you can look at them all ---> Clicky Clicky
  19. Lightwing's post in Member Titles? was marked as the answer   
    As Jonas and Wubtavia said, you have to be a donor, which will allow you to change your member title, along with other advantages, like bigger avatar size, and other things that you can check here.
      About your other question, when the donor status expires, as long as you didn't erased your member title, it will stay, but that also means that you won't be able to edit it, at least until you donate again, which will let you edit it again, or you contact an Administrator to remove it (if, by any chance, you don't want it anymore)
    Anymore questions, ? Or can I close this topic?
  20. Lightwing's post in Blogs and Post Count was marked as the answer   
    @Kivil, the answer is No. Blogs don't count towards the Post Count.
    If you think well, just the word says it, "Post Count", and blogs aren't supossed to be posts.
  21. Lightwing's post in PM conversations New page was marked as the answer   
    Okay, after a while of testing with the member, I have a small log about this issue as a whole.
    What we are looking at seems to be a PM corruption, an event where the PM seems to enter into a bad state where it incorrectly sends and receives messages. This issue seems to appear when you send a high number of messages in a short period of time, and it goes to the next page. The effect of the fast messaging seems to be a corruption of the PM in question. When the PM is "corrupt", it doesn't correctly show the messages, and it just puts your back at the point before the message was corrupted. The value of "corruption of PM"(as both him and me adressed it) is directly proportional to the number of fast messages that you send. If you send 20 messages, the PM will be corrupt for 20 messages. Once you send that number of messages, it seems to go back to normal. The speed of the message sending seems to have an effect (not confirmed) Notifications are still given as messages are "received", but it still goes back to the pre-corruption point. An example of this corruption is the next picture, where the Page number is messed up:
    ​ From his testimony, one cannot even access the new messages by changing the url to represent the page you're supposed to be.  
    This bug still seems completely situational, and it will more oftenly be triggered by the user's actions, but I will nonethless talk with the Tech Staff to have a better idea about what causes it.
  22. Lightwing's post in How do I post a link to an OC in my signature was marked as the answer   
    Both answers complement each other perfectly, so I will put them in a single post.
    Also, is your doubt now resolved, @Polyblank? Because if so, I can go closing this thread.
  23. Lightwing's post in Question about the Character Database was marked as the answer   
    Quoting both answers as they proved to be an effective way to resolve the user's issue. Locking topic, and in case of more doubts, please create another one.
  24. Lightwing's post in Rank OCD was marked as the answer   
    The short answer is "No", but let's go in detail first.
    The first thing is that nobody looks like a newbie because of the aspect of one's badge. I've seen a lot of old users with low rank badges, and nobody judges a person because of something as simple as a badge. The purpose of the badges is to act as milestones of how much do you contribute to the forums, in terms of posts on places where posts do count, thus making its purpose merely visual (but you still need a minimum of 40 posts to access certain zones of the forums, but this is made to keep trolls from accessing to certain sections, more specifically the Life Advice section.)
    The second thing, and the answer to your question is no. Allowing things like that would not only create an unnecesary ammount of spam(along with the fact that you can't make "consecutive posts" per say, as they will be combined with your post if it was the last, unless a period of time has passed), it would also defeat completely the purpose of the badge system. And one last thing, nobody will think more of you only because you have a higher rank. This is a place whose objective is discussion mainly, but you can also make friends and meet new people, something that with spam posting you won't obtain. Prove yourself and make quality posts to be noticed and then you won't look "like a newbie".
    In resume, what you suggest won't be made, and you need to understand that the people's opinions don't change because of your badge (except with Moderator/Administrator badges, of course... x: ), so go outside, and try to interact with more people and make yourself a place here. Also, a late welcome to MLP Forums! <3
  25. Lightwing's post in Banners: what size is appropriate? was marked as the answer   
    @Jolt-1445, are you talking about MLPForums banners?
    Because if that's so, there are both a FAQ and a Thread where the basics of how to make a banner are explained, with sizes and font types.
    You can always send your banner to an Administrator, but, Nowadays,MLPForums hosts Banner contests with short to average periods of time between them, being the most recent one on March 18th, where a group of banners are selected by the people to be used on MLPForums during that period. If you do want to participate and submit your banner when the next contest appears, keep an eye on Canterlot Castle.
    If you are talking about Signature Banners, there's another FAQ that explains both where you can get them and the maximum size for them, which variates depending of you account status (Donor or Non-Donor)
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