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  1. Lightwing's post in the times on this forum are wierd? was marked as the answer   
    Hey @~Phoenix~, seeing that you are asking a question regarding the forums, I will move this to Site Questions & Tech Support, thanks!
    Regarding your question, keep on mind that MLPForums has a default time zone set when you make an account, which is applied regardless of your current living time zone. If you want to change it to your own time zone, you have to go to Your Settings:

    And from here, you should be able to see this option, and all you have to do is match it with the time zone you currently live in (I live on GMT+1, for example):

    And then you just save it, and it's fixed and all posts and status updates and anything will match the time from your time zone's perspective. If you need any other help, please don't be afraid to say so!
  2. Lightwing's post in Can anyone upload my signature? was marked as the answer   
    Hey , seeing the content of your post and the question you are raising, it will be more fitting for the Site Questions & Tech Support, so I will move it there!
    Regarding your problem though, let me just toy with it one second...
    And fixed! Next time check out that you are linking the image properly and using the proper option, it can get messed up very easily ;p
    Seeing how your problem has been solved already, I can close this safely. Have a nice day!
  3. Lightwing's post in Deleting Your Own Topics? was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Hazard Time!
    I'm sorry to tell you this, but a member can't remove topic from public view, it has to be a staff member the one that does that. You can always report the thread or threads that you want removed. As long as there is a credible reason for the request, the thread will be removed without major issue, but there are situations where a thread won't be removed. The decision of whether or not to remove a given thread and/or post is up to the discretion of the moderator that handles the report though.
  4. Lightwing's post in Why was the "One Last Time" post removed? was marked as the answer   
    This sort of question would rather belong to Site Questions & Techincal Support, so I will move it there.
    About your question now, the topic you're talking about was hidden for the time being due for the high influx of negative and poisonous replies it was getting, along with the other two topics, including another Staff Member leaving and another one explaining their side of the situation. Without going into too much detail, both sides need to chill down and take a second to relax and think about what everyone was saying.
    If you want a better explanation of why this was done, please check this topic. Thank you.
  5. Lightwing's post in My Avatar, which is a gif, isn't animated. was marked as the answer   
    The way to use GIF avatars is to never surpass the size limit that the forums give you (whenever it is 100kb for normal users or 150kb for donors/staff), or else the animated picture will be treated as a PNG and use the first frame as your avatar, without possilibity of moving. That means, if you are going to use a GIF avatar, don't go above the limit thinking that the avatar editor will resize it.
    Although seeing that the user has had its issue resolved, I can close this safely. Have a nice day! c:
  6. Lightwing's post in How does one post? was marked as the answer   
    Hey there!
    I'm sorry, but Welcoming Plaza is a section where you do introduce yourself, while you are asking a question, which is something that would be more fitting for Site Questions & Tech Support, so I will go ahead and move it there ;p
    Making a post is one of the easiest things you can do, and all you have to do is the following:
    -Find a topic that interests you. I will be using this one as an example, but any topic works for exemplification purposes.
    -Now that you are in that topic, you can either
    -Scroll to the bottom and you will find a box where you can type your answers. This is the basic text editor, where you can write posts and such.

    -Or you can click on the "Reply to this topic" button that you will find at the top of the page, near the name of the post. This brings you to the full text editor, where you can manage things like attachments and such:

    As a last thing, remember that the posts that you make must make sense in the context of the topic and the section where you are posting in. If you have any problems knowing what sort of posts/topics are done where, please check this topic c:
    Is there anything else where I can help you? c:
  7. Lightwing's post in How do I add a picture to my status update? was marked as the answer   
    @Candytheponie, things like emoticons don't work on Status Updates due for their different function. About pictures, you can always share the link of the picture directly, which will become an hyperlink that can be clicked by those that see it.
  8. Lightwing's post in auto follow topics that you have made was marked as the answer   
    I don't know if you missed it or not, but this is actually an option, !

    If you observe well, you can see a button that says "Follow this topic" when making a new topic, which will allow you to follow instantly the topic that you recently made, without the need to click on any extra button c:
    It can be easy to miss, so I hope that this solved your issue!
  9. Lightwing's post in No MLP emoticons for ios safari? was marked as the answer   
    , all versions of MLPForums, whenever it is the IP.B default design, the MLPForums custom design or the Mobile version support emoticons. c:
    Normally the button to add emoticons is found on the post editor:

    But if you are using any mobile version, this editor is unavailable, so you may need to look at our emoticon list and introduce the correct codes for each emoticon, which should allow you to use our selection of custom emoticons, like 
    If you need more help, please let me know!
  10. Lightwing's post in Where to find the sub-forum in order to request an art? was marked as the answer   
    Hey @HammerHead, due for the nature of your post, it has been moved to Site Questions & Tech Support. I also took my own freedom to add the correspondent tag to this topic, so it is easier to recognize c:
    With that said, a topic of the nature that you describe would belong to our Requests Guild, along with a "Request" tag while making a new topic, so people can recognize that you are asking for a request.
    Did this helped you? If so, let me know!
  11. Lightwing's post in Inquiry about the Community Calendar was marked as the answer   
    Hey, ! Sorry for the late answer, but I hope that I can clear your doubt.
    If your Calendar event got sent to approval, that means that you accidentally set it to Public Viewing, which is the condition to be sent to approval to our Moderation Team. If you wanted to make a personal note by yourself, you should have set it to Private Viewing, where it is only visible for you, but it doesn't require to go through approval. This picture should clarify what I mean:

    Did this resolved your doubt? If so, please let me know!
    Edit: by default, when you make a new Event on the calendar, it will be set to Public Viewing, which may be the issue that cause this on the first place.
  12. Lightwing's post in About Contact Information was marked as the answer   
    This is exactly the issue,
    When you introduce information on the Contact Information boxes, they are automatically identified, and are redirected towards the website in question. This is a very common mistake that many people makes, and whose solution is really easy.
    Like Dune said, all you have to do is to introduce only the name. For example, your deviantart link is the following:
    http://sweetiebot3000.deviantart.com/ You placed the full link in your profile, which causes it to redirect to this direction:
    http://http//sweetiebot3000.deviantart.com/.deviantart.com/ But, if you put only the name, which is "sweetiebot3000", it will correctly redirect to deviantart. This applies to mostly all the Contact Information boxes, like Twitter or Youtube. For Youtube you need a custom IRL, which, like Dune mentioned, can only be obtained once you have at least 500 Subscribers or 100 Google Plus Followers, or else it won't work.
    Edit: the member has fixed her profile, and all names now properly lead to the respective pages, which means that the issue has been solved, which is a green light to lock this. Have a nice day!
  13. Lightwing's post in 20 Character Limit was marked as the answer   
    @20% Cooler Than Cake, the Character Minimum cannot be turned off by any means. This minimum exists to keep a minimum ammount of discussion without constant "No" or "Yes" answers, and it also helps to avoid spam, and to have proper, worthy awnsers for each topic and to give enought material to create discussion when creating a topic.
    I don't find any difficulty on writting 20 characters though, it's as simple as this:
    "This is a post with 20 characters and even more"
    If you find difficulty on meeting the limit, the key is to add just a bit more of depth to your posts, and, to be fair, 20 characters is a really tame minimum, as MLPForums used to have a 100 Characters Minimum threshold.
    Just in case, keep on mind that purposely bypassing the character minimum by any means is considered to be a form of spamming, namely Character Minimum Violation, and will be dealt with accordingly, whenever it is hiding or removing the post in question.
  14. Lightwing's post in Is it Appropriate to Post a Non-Pony Related Song Cover in Octavia's Hall? was marked as the answer   
    @Night Visions, you got it right. The best place to post it would be our Non-Pony Artwork section, but it should have its correspondent "Music" tag when you make a post, like this:

    With that, you will be free to post your musical piece as long as it meets the rules.
  15. Lightwing's post in Blocking people? was marked as the answer   
    @FlitterFlutter, our Ignore Settings don't allow for what you ask, sadly. You can set them to not see the one that you want to block's posts, signature, and not even allow them to send you messages though, which, even if it's not what you fully want, it may satisfy what you are aiming for.

  16. Lightwing's post in we should be alerted if somepony replies to our topic was marked as the answer   
    This is a good chance to explain better how does the notification system works when it comes to followed topics, to avoid future doubts.

    As multiple people have pointed out, at the top of every thread/section, there is a button that allows you to "Follow" that specific thread/section, which you can set up to send you notifications whenever it is updated:

    But multiple people have pointed out that, even after doing this, they still don't get notifications. Now, why don't they? This is what I will clear out.

    For starters, let's go to the Notification Options. You can go either through My Settings -> Notification Options:

    Or through your own Notification window, and clicking on Options:

    On this window, you will be presented with multiple options to customize your Notifications at your own liking, but, as people here have pointed out that they don't receive notifications even when they follow a topic, let's use that as an example:
    As you can see, multiple sections exist. Topics & Posts. Status Updates, Profiles & Friends... For now let's focus on Topics & Posts:
    It's easy to see how does it work. Left Row boxes refer to the Notification Box, and Right Row refers to the E-Mails that you receive whenever something happens. If you want to receive notifications whenever someone posts on a topic that you follow, just click on the left box near "Notification method to use for replies to followed topics ", and if you want to receive notifications when it comes to sections that you follow, do the same on "Notification method to use for topics in followed forums ". When you enable them, it should look like this: Of course, more options of customization exist, like the capacity of set up how will this notifications appear, with the options of Inmediate (Sent in the moment they are posted), Online(Sent only when you are online), and Daily Digest/Weekly Digest (sort of a compilation of notifications after a Day/Week), an option to follow instantly topics where you post and many more, which are intuitive and shouldn't be a hard job to see what do they do. Once you are done with all the settings that you want to change, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Save Changes".
    Now you will receive Notifications for the Section/Forums that you are following. If you did it correctly, and you have your notifications set to "Inmediate" or "Online", you should start to see this kind of notifications when people posts on threads:

    This is why some people weren't receiving any notifications even when they followed topics. With this said, I hope that any doubt that anyone could have about this has been resolved.

    Edit: and @ASGARDIANBRONY, this should help you with your problem of not receiving notifications.
    Edit 2: issue resolved and all doubts that could exist have been covered, so this thread can be locked c:
  17. Lightwing's post in Quick Reply Issue was marked as the answer   
    Keeping it short, IE gives quite a few problems when it comes to IP.Board. Multiple patches have been made, but it always come back, leading to situations like the one that you are describing. I would recommend you to use another browser, like Firefox or Chrome, which should allow you to properly use them again.
    If you don't want, or can't get another browser due for any circumstances, you can always manually imput the BBCodes, which you can see here
  18. Lightwing's post in trying to get into the role-play forums was marked as the answer   
    @Terra woodsland, I took the freedom to correct your post and move it to the section where it would fit the most, as what you are asking would belong to our Site Questions & Tech Support section on the forums. c:
    With that said, to get to 5 posts, and thus move between groups(which I will assume that you want to do), you have to increase your Active Post count. You can see here which badges do exist and how many posts do you need to get them.
    Now, how do you increase your post count? Again, easy feat to achieve. You must post in sections where the post count does increase, which are basically any section of the forum, except the following:
    Welcoming Plaza Testing Forums Roleplay OOC sections Fan Clubs subsection Any of the Cloudsdale Colliseum subsections (Forum Games, Ask a Pony or Forum Lounge) As long as you post on any other section than those, your Active Post count will level up, but understand that your posts must have a minimum of quality(which includes context on the thread, being on topic and grammar) or they will be subject to removal This thread should help you to understand the nature of each section.

    Also, and to avoid doubts, you cannot change your badge freely. This is both a design feature and a technical limitation due for how our badge system is structured. Once you get past one badge, you cannot get back to it.
    About roleplaying, you will be able to access to participate on that section as soon as you get to 5 posts, thus to the Muffin Rank. If you show interest on it, I would recommend you to read this two threads, which should offer you guidance about the world of roleplaying:
    - Starter Roleplayer Guide
    - Roleplay Mentoring
    With that said, is there anything else I can help with?
  19. Lightwing's post in How do I reply with videos? was marked as the answer   
    , the reason of why that happens is quite simple.

    Here, in MLPForums, Youtube links are instantly recognized when they are posted, but only links from the normal version are recognized this way. Your link comes from the mobile version, which isn't recognized, and thus it won't show up.

    How does one fix it? Quite simple, once again. All you have to do is exchange the 'm.' from the beginning for a 'www.', which will allow the link to be recognized, and thus will show up properly:
    To exemplify, I will show you the video before and after:



    If this solved your issue, please let me know.
  20. Lightwing's post in Profile Title seems to have changed was marked as the answer   
    , what you experienced seems to be a small glich that comes when a member is moved to the Christmas Donor group, which causes the Member Title to reset to its default (or better specified, the name of the badge you currently have, which is Butterfly).

    Best course of action on this situation will be to send a Support Ticket to our Technical Support team, which would belong to our Technical Issues/Bug Reports folder, and you will be shortly afterwards contacted by an Administrator, which will help you to restore your Member Title back to normal.

    With that said, and seeing the nature of the glich and its resolution, I will go ahead and close this topic. Have a nice day.

    Edit: about why you can't change again your title by yourself, it is due to the fact that the Christmas Donor group doesn't get donor perks, so right now, its possible manipulation is Admininstrator-only.
  21. Lightwing's post in What exactly are Brohooves, and what's their value? was marked as the answer   
    @Sugar Sprinkles, Brohooves are, putting it simple, a way to show that you like a post. c:
    Do you know about the 'Like' button of Facebook? It's pretty much like that. It has no real value other than show that you agree with a post, or act like a virtual thumbs up, so yeah, their only real point is be 'Likes' ^^
  22. Lightwing's post in I Am Unable to Add an Image to My Signature was marked as the answer   
    , are you sure that you are using the picture's image link, rather than the normal link?
    If you have doubts about how to get that link, please look at this FAQ
  23. Lightwing's post in Unsubscribing from updates to "Topics I've participated in" was marked as the answer   
    @Lucky Shot, sadly it is technically impossible to remove the threads from the 'Topics I've participed in'. Even if we deleted all of your posts, you would still be marked as 'has posted here', and still stay there. Once you post in any topic, it will show up there, without a chance to remove it.
    Although @Jokuc's solution can work if you don't mind not being able to follow the 'Recently discussed topics' window.
  24. Lightwing's post in I have a question... was marked as the answer   
    @@DancesWithEggs, this topic doesn't belong to Welcoming Plaza, as you are asking a question about certain function of this site. Welcoming Plaza is a section where you present yourself to other people, so I will move this to Site Questions & Tech Support, where you'll get an answer to your question c:

    With that out of the way, editing your profile is incredibly simple. All you have to do is to go to My Settings, which can be accesed from here:

    From this point, you'll have multiple options to your disposal. You can edit your About Me, change your birthday date, add contact information to your profile (Skype, Steam, etc...), along with more options, and, if you are a Donor or a Suscriber, you can also edit your Member Title into a custom one. Once you have edited everything you want, click on Save Changes (except with the About Me editor, where you'll have to press the Finish & Save button inside its own window:

    Did this resolved your doubt? c:
  25. Lightwing's post in Edit Button is Sticky was marked as the answer   
    It may had probably be a casual glitch, maybe for slow internet or some random factor. For now, I will lock this as it seems to have solved itself, but if this happens again, please make another topic. Thank you.
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