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  1. You stalker. You be lookin' at my profile and such. :o:D

    1. Stick Shift

      Stick Shift

      It's a me, Lurkio!

    2. Kyoshi


      Super Lurkio! :o What brings you to these parts Lurkio? Am I pretty or what? :D

  2. Don't know if I want to attend EFNW this year of not...

    1. Bolt the Super-Pony

      Bolt the Super-Pony

      I'm going next year as far as I know! What about BABSCon?

    2. Stick Shift

      Stick Shift

      Was going to attend babs but plans changed. I decided to attend EFNW after all, might hit Bronycon again also.

  3. Did the prices go up on the hotel rooms? I was looking at the rooms and came back 2 hours later and the prices seem to have gone up for some of the rooms (Double beds are now $136 instead of $115, and the Regency Club doubles is at $261 when it was at $160). In that case will have to grab one before they are all gone
  4. Packing for my family vacation this week, heading up today then leaving on Wednesday to drive 15 hours to Bronycon. Should be a fun adventure!

  5. With only 18 days until I start the trip to Bronycon, I just wanted do a final check to see if anyone is interested in join the convoy to Baltimore. My car is full but If you want to bring your own car and follow along, that would be perfect. One side advantage of traveling in a pack besides the fun of traveling with a bunch of fellow bronies is if any issues arise there will be a group to help (EX: Car trouble) . To all those who are flying, riding the train, driving, or other means of travel (Teleporting?) I wish you safe travels! See ya in Baltimore!
  6. I made a change in plans with the vehicle I'm taking. My initial plan was to rent a van for the trips, but I held off on renting it due to a lack of people looking for a ride. Lo and behold, the price more than doubled and at that point I only had 2 other people that had confirmed so I decided to to just take the family sedan. I will be driving through Milwaukee though and if you would like to carpool still, we could travel in 2 cars to the con. I have walkies for cross car communication. Also, if either of us have any car trouble, we would have another car if something happened to one of them. My apologies If I got your hopes up, I just couldn't justify the cost for the rental after the price hike (It was because EAA landed on the same week). If you are still interested, let me know what time you would plan on leaving for the con.
  7. Well that was a fun con, anyone else have any photos they would like to share? Also, how did the cosplay contest go? (I heard from @Pinkamena Dianne Pie that Flash Sentry took 2nd)
  8. Well I thought this con was an overall success. Had a great time with everyone and enjoyed my time there. The staff did a great job keeping everything running smoothly and the guests (Show and community) were really friendly and made the con that much more enjoyable. Here are some photos I took at the con(Edit:Bad Link): Derpy was great(So were Flash, Cadence, and Shining!) Looking forward to next years con!
  9. The time has come, MLP-MSP is here! I'll try to post some pics on my twitter over the course of the convention. I'll have a sign made-up for those interested in going out for breakfast at Denny's (Right down the road) so they know who to look for. I'll be in the lobby at 7:45am. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and meeting new friends (YAY!) You bet your flank I am ready!
  10. Never to late(If you're talking about the breakfast meet-up that is)! They do seem to be very well organized for a 1st year con, can't wait to meet-up with everyone
  11. Alright, Saturday at 8am it is! On a side note, I wonder what the turnout is going to be?
  12. I guess we can see what everyone else would like, as for a time, 8am seems like a decent time (Not to early and plenty of time before the morning events)
  13. Looks like there are already a few others interested in the breakfast idea, just need to decide what day (Saturday or Sunday)?
  14. I love driving! Thats why I'm driving from Wisconsin to Baltimore this August for Bronycon! It doesn't have to be some sporty car either. I've driving lots of different vehicles (Box vans, trucks, sedans, minivans, sports cars, etc) and each one has a personality of its own. One of my favorite things to do is to head north and start driving around, there's lots of great roads and you might only see 2-3 cars a hour. Just driving and listening to some tunes to pass the time can be really relaxing.