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    life is not the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away.
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    the practice of Magic, dark horror, Dark anime, mlp(of course) pokemon, (season one and two)role playing, Dungeons and Dragons

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  1. Hello Storm, how's everything going? Enjoying your time back so far? :)

  2. For me it taught me to accept myself for who i am and be pround of that! that true friendship wont give up on you and that to never give up because you matter no matter what any other person tells you.
  3. Name:Fang Type: Pegasus Gender: Female Appearance:dark blue coat with short blue hair that changes with her mood to white and teal changling eyes. Cutie Mark: three jagged lightning rods that have smaller jagged prodding rods. Hobbies: creating rain, lightning and thunder storms in the sky to what she feels is needed or desired by those below Additional Details: she was abandoned at a young age and never trusted again she went into a foster home at 8. At 9 she earned her cutie mark during a full moon when one night, her foster parents beat her. she ran out side and in her rage built up a storm cloud that covered the full moon. when she tried to calm down, so did the storm. marred in hatred by betrayal; loss and lonliness she hid up in her storm cloud when she felt threatened storm clouds where her cover. being a pony with this type of power made fang have to learn to control herself in order to ensure the safty of others around her. her age is unkniown
  4. i actually did a lot when i was younger and then some d and d as of latly- i love roleplaying quite a bit!
  5. sure thing, what is it your looking for?! i can- it may take alot more time because its more then one character and ive got other requests as well but sure thing!
  6. i will definatly come up with something uber cute for ya! hahaha i just hope i dont get in trouble. im sure i wont because its free so the forums wont loose money over it. but yea- its already getting crazy!
  7. i do do request at this time! they are free cuz i dont want to deal with money at this time. lol
  8. thats will be totally easy to do! i could possibly have it done sometime next week! yes at the moment they are
  9. sure thing! what are you looking for? these are what i have done for others or even things like this: (this is what ive done for me)
  10. at this moment they are freebes because i don't feel like ponies should have to pay right now. i hope i earn some money soon but it would start in the commissioning room wich has to be approved before hand by Artemis or feld0
  11. thank you sooo much batty, im excited to come back- i miss it all! i hope i can share more soon thank you so much! i had alot of fun with them! ive also been doing alot of ponies oc's and stuff because i get sick of doing the same ponies all the time. lol as you can see there is much lunas and little of all else
  12. In the Past couple months i have been working heavily on some of my ultimate favorite characters from the mlp fim show- Luna and Derpy among others i have yet to post here. most of them are digital work with the exceptiion of one, wich has made me the most proud. Luna in pencil. Enjoy!
  13. TheStormRider


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: I used to be on here through another profile, but since the format was changed i was no longer able to log on. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: A friend of my told me i should watch the last episode of season 2. so i did, the went back and watched all 3 seasons in a single night and since then been a brony since. I don't know who I am. Where I came from or where I'm going. What I do know is that I have the power to control the sky, soaring among the storm front, bending it, molding it to my will and desire. Some call me storm rider, others flash like the light from the strike of lightning, I'm here and there and only a memory. On stormy night you'll see me at my best. That is me, Fang, the storm bringer. I am The Storm Rider.