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  1. "I would love to meet your daughter!" Binary said with enthusiasm. Despite his shy tendencies, he was always up to make new friends. Taking a bite into the cupcake, Binary said "Man, Pinkie's cupcakes are the best!" "Why thank you very much!" Pinkie Pie replied, appearing out of nowhere, scaring Binary and causing him to drop his cupcake. He had a sad expression on his face until he was given another one by Pinkie. "Don't worry, it happens all the time!"
  2. Binary smiled. "I love cupcakes!" He said with excitement. "Are you excited to see the princesses? I heard that Celestia isn't really into all the formalities, she just wants to be treated like a regular pony." He didn't mean disrespect, he's actually seen how she acts to such things, she plays along, but her expression emanates "This is really unnecessary."
  3. Why Chrysalis was never caught early enough.
  4. "Welcome to my world..." Sorry about the context, though.
  5. "Fire two!" A second shot grazes Binary has he heads to the corner to a lonely looking blue unicorn. "Hey, is everything okay?" he asked. "Are you feeling lonely? Can I provide some company?" He gives a warm smile and settles next to the unicorn. "My name is Binary, what's yours?"
  6. Binary bowed to the princess, but started to sweat bullets when he heard quite a worrying cry... "Fire one!" Yells Pinkie Pie, preparing to fire the first cannon. (Please don't nail me...) was the main thought running through Binary's brain as the decorations flew straight over his head.
  7. "Okay, now the princess have some peculiar tastes, so here is what you need to know!" Pinkie said, throwing a giant list into the air. Binary stared at the list taking special note of a few things. (Huh, Celestia isn't in to all this lavish stuff... why do we need all this?) "Are you sure this is all necessary?" Binary asked. "Of course it's necessary!" Pinkie replied.
  8. A blue unicorn emerges quite groggily from his humble abode. "Oh, man... why did I volunteer to work so early..." He said with a yawn. He then headed over to Sugar Cube Corner to start setting things up. "Hey Twilight! Sorry about the library..." He said, being a regular at the place, it was close his heart.
  9. ((Just random nonsense about the way the Rainbow Dash call was worded)) "Can I be Mr. Krabs?" "Why?" "He's a good leader."
  10. Stupid, bane of my existence since my sisters obsess over them.