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  1. well...thanks guys!! Can't believe 8 ppl replied XD anyways,Commander Hurricane,if your not joking,i will derp you up!!!!!
  2. imagine putting a toothpick in your big toe and kicking a wall really hard!!! >
  3. Derpy is clearly da best pony in my opinion! She's just so funny and original! Keep derping,you bronies!
  4. Ehhh......nothing i guess.....

  5. Looks like someone hasn't introduced themselves in the welcome forum ;). You appear to be a Doctor Whooves x Derpy fan, eh?

    1. I'mTheDerptor


      Actually,no. i prefer Dr.Whooves x Twilight Sparkle!! way better...

    2. WWolf


      So you're the.... *insert bad shipping name*, then?

    3. I'mTheDerptor
  6. Hello,pinkie! Why do you have a pic of flutters instead of pinkie? I was looking through kyoshi's friends when i stumbled upon you.I really hope you will start getting on more,the last time you were on was july 19,2013!!!! I read your stuff and i agree with everything and i noticed your a fan of asdf.See ya!

  7. bored outta my darn mind :\

  8. herp a derpa derpy herpa derpa!

  9. your pics are not appearing,you know that,right?

  10. y u readin dis?

    1. Bojo


      cuz i... dun... no

    2. I'mTheDerptor


      see,dats da thing.u gotta no the difference between reading a muffin and a bagel.


    3. I'mTheDerptor


      If u no wat i mean...

  11. Hey guys! I have been introduced to this amazing brony website by my friend.If you want to friend him,his username is XX_BASS_CANNON_XX